Management in Food and Beverage Business Assignment Help

Management in Food and Beverage Business Assignment Help

In present scenario, good service becomes a focus point of every service industry due to more aware consumers. The

fulfillment of all customers’ expectations at whole extent is quite a difficult task for service industry. Food & Beverage (F&B) is one of the industries that can get success only when, it has mastered in providing best service to consumers (Pizam, 2010). This food and beverage business assignment help paper would discuss the impact of manager’s actions over F&B operations. It also includes situations in which manager’s action affect guest dining experience and operational profit.

Effect of Manager’s Action over F&B Operations

F&B’s operation includes all things from management of dinging setting to delivery of service to consumer. Generally, a manager works to maintain food stock, purchase of in-demand food and training of employees in broad sense. The extent of effectiveness and professionalism in manager’s work behavior decides the success of restaurant with the parameter of customer satisfaction. If a manager set the arrangement of service as serving appetizers with entrees, slow order time or lack of attention results the failure of service and mean that customers do not return (Brown, 2006). Similarly as per business case study assignment help experts, the other major aspect is the customer’s money, which can be influenced by manager’s actions. If server does not attend the customers with the questions like what he or she wants to have or he/she wants to see other menu like dessert, ice creams etc. then customer doesn’t take interest to spend more money to available options. On the other hand human resource management is another area where manager’s good and bad practices get influenced. Manager’s actions should be ethical so that he/she can train employees with the example of his values (Ojugo, 2009). If manager follow policy of favoritism, so the employees will also follow such policy and this may derive unethical and bad spot light in customers view.

Situations Where Managers Actions Affect Guest Dining Experience Manager’s actions are influenced by his/her skills, knowledge, learning ability which he/she takes from past experience. The ability to take every operation with good and bad spirit is the subject of guest dining experience. Following operational activities includes situation, where manager’s action affect guest dining experience effectively:

  1. Training of serving staff is the responsibility of F&B manager, if server does not take order on time and does not welcome guest in restaurant then customer feel bad and unsatisfied and may leave the place immediately without taking anything (Hirschey, 2008).
  2. Management of interior is the part of manger’s work as well, if customer didn’t get clean and well furnished and well fragranced place to sit then the customer may take foot forward and switch to another place (Camerinelli, 2009).
  3. Maintenance of relationship with chef and staff, if manager doesn’t ask or take feedback from staff about customer chaise then it occurs lack of customer choice dishes in menu card, which directly affect guest dining experience (Lockyer, 2007).
  4. Similarly, management of cost and material is the operational task of manager, if manager doesn’t update trends and cost control techniques into his/her management scrip then firm may face huge loss and this will indirectly affect guest experience in restaurant (Hirschey, 2008).
  5. The information sharing to stakeholders another important task of managerial operations into F&B industry. If manager doesn’t upgrade information regarding changes into organization, it delivers negative image among stakeholders and this action may stop guest to spend their time and money at such place (Lockyer, 2007).
  6. Management between chef and server work is quite an important task to develop effective dining experience for guest. If manager cannot manage specific time limit for both type staff then the delivery of order on time to guest cannot possible this may serve result of dissatisfaction and frustration (Camerinelli, 2009).
  7. At the time any conflict between server and customer, it is responsibility of manager to be calm and wise and solve the issue. If a manager is not calm, well mannered and wise then the conflict between server and guest increase and result bad image among other guest as well (Pizam, 2010).

Effect of Situations over Operational Profit Above situations state, managerial actions affect B&F quite effectively and this may results failure of operational activities into F&B companies. Faults in serving related operations delivers negative image among market which affect company’s further operations directly. The dissatisfaction of guest by behavior of workplace gets down the trust of other customer as well (Lewis). These situations directly affect operational profit of any restaurant/food giant as they need huge time and deep R&D to recover from such situation. Conclusion Therefore our Food and Beverage case study assignment help experts said that that F&B is the industry where manager plays most important role to get business to the peak of success.

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