Consumer Buying Process Assignment Help

Consumer Buying Process Assignment Help

A process that defines various steps through which consumers decide to purchase particular product from a specific

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product category is termed as consumer buying process (Pride & Ferrell, 2010). As per consumer buying marketing assignment help tutors the following five steps are included in this process generally:

  1. Problem Recognition: Consumer buying process starts form this stage in which consumers realize difference between current and ideal state. This step helps marketers to determine needs and expectations of consumers in respect to a specific product and due to this it is also considered as need recognition step. There are two stimuli that may create recognition or need within the consumer namely internal and external (Pride & Ferrell, 2011). Such need awareness within a consumer may result from either one or both stimuli.
  2. Information Search: This step occurs after the identification of need and their occurrence reasons. In this step, consumers start to search several information sources to support their decisions. There are several resources that may be searched by consumers such as friend, relatives, wholesaler, internet, retailer, neighborhood, advertisements, pre-user etc (Lamb, 2011). Consumer may also seek information by examining and using the given product.
  3. Alternative evaluation: An alternative awareness created from information search is analyzed and evaluated in this step. Through the above step, a consumer enables to get enough knowledge about the alternatives that may satisfy his/her needs in regarding the given product. Price, quality, functionality, seller image, after sale service etc. are some criteria that are used and analyzed against consumer’s need for making systematic and justifiable evaluation of product or service (Pride & Ferrell, 2011). This analysis is further used by consumers to justify and support the buying decisions.
  4. Buying Decision: After evaluating alternatives, consumer buys the most suitable product or service as per his/her needs. But there are some reasons such as lack of information and trust etc. due to which; consumer may also postpone purchase decisions. Marketers enable to indentify reasons of decisions postpone through this step (Lamb, 2011). Such reasons may be solved by marketers through providing sufficient information and warranty schemes over product or service.
  5. Consumer behavior after purchase: After using product, consumer may either satisfy or dissatisfy. If a consumer satisfy or dissatisfy than he/she contributes positive and negative publicity of a product respectively (Doole & Lowe, 2008). Marketers need to indentify the reasons of dissatisfaction and to eliminate or reduce them accordingly.

Thus, these five stages are systematically analyzed by marketers to make associated decisions. References Doole, I. & Lowe, R. (2008). International Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation (5th ed.). UK: Cengage Learning EMEA. Lamb, C.W. (2011). Marketing (5th ed.). USA; Cengage Learning. Pride, W.M. & Ferrell, O.C. (2010) Marketing Express (2nd ed.). USA: Cengage Learning. Pride, W.M. & Ferrell, O.C. (2011) Marketing (2nd ed.). USA: Cengage Learning. Now you can avail 100% original and complete assignment help services from our experts. We are the most trusted and experienced writers of US,UK and Australia.