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  • Expansion in International Market
  • New Attractions for Theme Parks (Disney International Program, 2012).
  • Expansion of Cruise Business
  • Development of Disney Parks and Resorts (Walt Disney, 2012).
  • Imagineering (Disney International Program, 2012).
  • Positive attitude of Government
  • Web Opportunities
  • Service versioning (Disney International Program, 2012).
  • New Media Channels
  • Continued Growth through Further Diversification (Smith, 2010).

  • Recession (Smith, 2010).
  • Turmoil in Financial Market (Smith, 2010).
  • Maintaining Product Differentiation (Smith, 2010).
  • Maintaining Brand Image (Annual Report, 2011).
  • Fierce Competition (Annual Report, 2011).
  • Decrease in Revenues in summers (Annual Report, 2011).
  • Piracy
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Offshore Drilling (Recreation, 2009).
  • Changes in Exchange Rate (Recreation, 2009).

Summary of External Assessment on Threats and Opportunities of Walt Disney: Walt Disney is the international family entertainment and media enterprise, which majorly includes five areas such as parks and resorts, media network, consumer products, studio entertainment and interactive media. This company has made sound position in the overall market. As company is operating in the entertainment industry, it has been analyzed that company has explored various opportunities in the market. At the same time, company also has to face the threats in the competitive market environment to sustain for long time. As preferences and life style of people is continuously changing, Walt Disney can expand its market in the international countries and build competitive advantage by offering unique and different attractive and entertainment pleasures. International expansion provides opportunities to the firm to increase market share and enjoy more profit and growth. Apart from this, another opportunity that company utilizes is the technology innovation.

Due to the technology, company can introduce adventurous programs and fun. This technology is also facilitates the firm to introduce environmental friendly programs, which will be based on hybrid technology, it will offer a competitive advantage to the firm. With the help of new technologies, company can expand its cruise business, Disney parks and resorts. Expanding the cruise business will attract more tourists from other countries. Cruise business will also be helpful in increasing the business of themes parks and company can introduce different cultures through these themes. In addition our assignment helper stated that, company can utilize the benefits of developing Disney parks in resorts and hotels. These would be helpful to attract local and foreign tourist to enjoy a different theme and make their holidays and journey more exciting. In this concern, company can use Walt Disney Imagineering and create fantasies and new culture.

In this company can give message of living together with unity and peace, anti terrorist world, world with robotic people, etc. Positive attitude of government and other NGO’s to promote entertainment and themes parks is also an opportunity for the firm to expand business and enjoy competitive advantages. Moreover, company can utilize web opportunities to expand business and ensure global promotion. Besides, the service visioning ability of the firm also create opportunities to gain competitive advantage as, customer get satisfactory services and astonishing experience of entertainment (Disney International Program, 2012). New media channels, social networking sites and media also offers opportunities to the company to attract attention of the customers. It is the fastest and cheapest means of communication through which company can increase customer database and ensure long term success. Moreover, continuous growth through further diversification is also an opportunity for the firm to expand business and its services in other areas (Smith, 2010).

Diversification also offers the opportunities to firm to implement more standards and security measures to ensure safety of the customers. Although, company has several opportunities to enjoy success, but it has several threats also, which can affect its growth in negative manner. Economic recession can impacts the firm’s business in negative manner, as the purchasing power of the people will reduce and their behavior to enjoy Disney’s service and themes parks will also restrict (Smith, 2010). Along with this, turmoil in financial market is also a threat for the long term growth of the firm. As entertainment industry has limited services and competitors are also using all these technologies and games, it is also difficult for the firm to create product differentiations. Due to this, customers have more option to choose cheap and quality services and fun entertainments. As the market has become highly diversified and all the firms are using quality services and innovative strategies to develop strong image, maintain a long-term positive image and brand identify is also very critical for the firm. If company lost its image due to poor quality and lack of security measures, it would be difficult for it to regain due to high competition (Annual Report, 2011). Competitors also use innovative idea to make their themes parks and Disney Park more interesting and entering into media world to attract children, thus company has a threat of competitors to remain successful and profitable (Annual Report, 2011).

In addition, besides themes parks and resort entertainment, children and parent are showing their interest in summer camps and art activities, so that their children can learn artistic skills, thus, company’s revenues is continually decreasing in summers, which is the most business generate period for the firm. Thus, it is also a treat for the company. Moreover, the games, programs, entertainment facilities, themes parks, etc. can pirate by the other local entertainment firm and game industries, which can offer cheap services to the consumers. Thus, it is also a threat to remain with the popular games and themes for long term. Additionally, regulatory risk and changes in the policies of the countries and government also create problems for the company to operate smoothly and entering in the new market without having any hurdle. Environmental concerns and pollutions are also increasing concern and threat for the firm to sustain in the market for long term. The problem of offshore drilling is a challenge for the firm environment and firm. Some of the entertainment programs and themes park facilities and operation also harm the environment as it produces hydrocarbon, which is a threat for the firm to implement new program and entertainment facilities (Recreation, 2009). Last but not least, changes in exchange rate are also a threat for the firm. Due to this, consumers usually avoid enjoying the services of Disney world. Therefore, as per above discussion, company should implement some strategies to utilizes opportunities and manage threats to ensure sustainable competitive advantages, and gain high profits, so that firm can implement more innovative astonishing and unique entertainment.

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