Management Planning Function Assignment Help

Management Planning Function Assignment Help 

  • Planning function of management as it relates to the organization’s goals and strategies. Use steps in the planning process outlined in the text.
  • Analyze the influence that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility have had on management planning at BP. Provide at least one example for each.
  • Analyze at least three factors that influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.

Planning is an important part of the management functions that sets goals of BP and gives a direction by that organization would be able to achieve its objectives and goal in its related market. The setting of goals helps the management of BP for drawing and moving on a focused direction. Plans are then developed for moving the organization closer to its goals . Thus our management assignment help experts says that, planning would help to make effective decisions that could be used by management for making short-term and long-term decisions for attaining goal of organization. It is the most important aspect growth of an organization in future. The integration of all planning aspects could help the organization to focus on each area in its related market for meeting the actual condition of the market along with the nature of environment. Generally, planning process admits inputs, processes, and outputs. It helps the management for considering concepts as like mission statement, and goals of BP. BP includes several activities in the planning such as goal formulation, strategies and objectives identification, external and internal analysis. The planning could also include the gap analysis and SWOT analysis, which helps the organization to analyze organizational and environmental conditions. In next step of planning, BP focuses on the inputs that could lead the planning process to meet the objectives and goal of the organization in the industry. After this, the management of BP could arrange required raw materials, respective knowledge, skills of employee and entrepreneurial. And in last, management gives finance to related organization for implementing business strategy planning. Before, the implementation of planning, BP also proposes the planning implementation strategy and describes it that is helpful for the related person to get positive outcomes. Outputs help to decide the effectiveness of planning in the profitability context of BP. As per management assignment experts, BP management also focuses on the types of the planning that could help the management for achieving the objectives and goals. Management makes its policy on the basis of company’s strategic, operational, tactical, and contingency planning.


With the help of this, all divisions of BP make an important and vital planning to play a significant role in the productivity and the profitability of the organization. The managers of BP use these planning types for making long-term and short-term decisions. So, BP could be able to face the varying nature of the market and economic impact in productive manner   The planning activity of BP affects the ecological measures of environment that negatively influence the coastal areas in related country. So this situation restricts the organization from hitting the goal and objectives of BP and its stakeholders. The past activities of BP and its related issues have made a negative impact over the new planning because the involvement of management in legal activities. In April 20th 2010, America saw the greatest environmental disaster in which more than 3 million barrels of oil leaked-out into the Gulf of Mexico and also caused much causality. Due to this BP stopped its other planning implementation in US. Most of the countries gave their agreement on the reduction of COemission that could help to protect the life on earth for the global warming therefore; they made Kyoto Protocol that makes several restrictions on CO2 emission from firm activities. For example, during the emission of petrochemical, ExxonMobil Corporation totally denied the ethical issues that could be generated by the effects of emitting CO2 and its side-effects on the global warming and health of the related people. Hence, this situation grows the ethical issues for the organization.


So, this situation could also affect the planning process of BP because it has to make planning by reducing greenhouse gases. The CSR pressurizes the organization to do such activities that could help the people for living without any problem. It also grows several issues for the petroleum companies that could affect the planning of BP related to the emission of petrochemical. For example, the organization of Shell faced several issues in Nigeria related to CSR due to its oil emission; the air is filled by the smell of oil (Christian Aid, n.d.). On the other hand, the main source of drinking water is now choked with crude due to this; the community people could not be able to live healthy. The three factors that can influence the strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning of BP are definition of planning, work process, employees training and scheduling, lack of understanding etc. Sense of planning contains three aspects of the companies working as like how the organization would performed the work, who will lead and execute the work and what type of resources could be needed for completing the work in each area of business. The management of organization cannot make the respective decisions without the involvement of other responsible and knowledgeable people as like engineers and employees along with the technological expertness. So, any undefined planning could affect the whole planning process of organization. The planning activity generally contains the routine work that constitutes each work process that would help the management and related people to perform their best for achieving organizational goals.


Otherwise, it could affect the planning of organization in negative manner. It could be better understand with the example of BP in UK, before the activities of oil emission; the management of BP was not focused on the proper functions that could be used for protecting oil spills and its impact. Hence, they could be able to stop oil spills. It made huge loss for the organization and also increased several lawsuits against the organization of BP. Employee training can influence the planning therefore; the organization must work for developing operational skills of employees by providing latest technological tools related to the task. It would also help the organization to shift employees from one task to another that would encourage them for maximum productivity. Due to this, the management can create a production schedule and also can analyze the required working hours for each employee. It would help to ensure that the products of organization meet the needs and demands of the potential customers. Otherwise, the employees could not cope with the new and advance working techniques that would restricts the organization by getting benefits from the market.


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