Reliability and Validity Assignment Help

Reliability occurs when certain kinds of instruments are used to test and results of the subject, which become same in first and second try. The consistent measurement is the important characteristic of reliability due to which it occurs. In

contrast, validity is considered when the level of test is determined to test the subject. It emphasizes to ensure how many outcomes of subject is strong with the evidence and theory. The test and retest are easier than to analyze the extent to which the thing is valid and it is because determination of validity is quite complex in comparison to reliability.

The main consideration of validity is to determine the relationship between the outcome and related theories and evidence and on the other hand, reliability is emphasized to compare the similarities between the results of two or more tests. The measurement of validity does not have definite end in contrast the test of reliability can be discontinued after the two or three tests. At the same time, there are two ways such as test and internal consistency through which the reliability is determined. On the other hand, the determination of validity is categorized in four ways such as construct, internal, conclusion and external validity. These above ways helps to determine the validity in varied criteria (Kan, 2003). Validity is more acknowledged in comparison to reliability as in validity, one thing analyzes with vast knowledge and evidence that enhances the effectiveness of outcomes.

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