Managing Change and Innovation Assignment Help

Managing Change and Innovation Assignment Help:   Change is an essential element of organizational success in the long run. Today, almost all firms are confronting the need of change in some or other way and it is also vital as it helps a firm in increasing its productivity as well as overall profit. Similar is the case with the selected health care organization that has now decided to use electronic medical records instead of manual records. Change whenever planned confronts resistance and it also happened with the healthcare organization that faced resistance with the technology. The organization could effective implemented new electronic medical records effectively by specific change management related strategies that are discussed in this assignment help paper.


Strategies to Manage Change and Innovation: The technology change planned by the organization can be implemented effectively with the use of some specific strategies like:


Developing a Culture of Innovation: One of the key strategies that the organization can adopt for managing change and innovation is to develop a culture of innovation. This would appropriate employees to think that constantly innovating is a key to success. This could be done by implementing related policies that persuade innovation. Innovation should begin at the top, the organization leaders developing policies and authorizing employees to become dedicated to implement them.


Rewarding Innovation and Change: In addition to developing a culture for innovation, the organization should also provide its employees with enough incentives to innovate. Without reward, employees would not find any reason to do extra work and try a new technology. The critical step regarding the creation of an innovative healthcare firm is to involve a change in the organization employees’ goals, process of performance management, and compensation plan. Then, it would become easy for it to implement planned change successfully.


Introduce Changes Gradually: By including innovation in employees’ goals, the organization should gradually introduce changes by following a specific framework that includes specific phased regarding the implementation of new technology. With this, the shock of a new technology could be lessened substantially.


Emphasis on Training: The next most important strategies to implement change and innovation are to an emphasis on training as it can help the organization in reducing the stress or resistance to change. With this, the organization should identify what new skills would be essential to effectively implement and execute the new system and train employees accordingly.


Open Communication: Communication is an important method to manage change and innovation that if also followed by the healthcare organization, it would become able to involve its employees by resolving their issues and doubts about the new technology.


Reasons of Employees Resistance to Change: As per human resource assignment help experts, change is always associated with resistance and it is due to some specific reasons at the part of employees. This is a key reason due to which usually change fails so, it is essential for the healthcare organization to manage it by identifying the basic reason behind it. Most of the researchers believe the employees resist change because it interrupts the status quo and induces uncertainty, pressure, nervousness, and questions regarding their ability to deal with the change. Another reason for resistance is the loss of current comfort and what is on-going smoothly, as change involves more efforts and learning new aspects and system. Employees also resist change due to the fear of losing specific job responsibilities, certain privileges or freedoms like flexible work schedules, loss of office space, and the loss of job-related routines . Employees feel it as a new burden and resist for change that could be managed by adopting above discussed techniques.


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