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Introduction of Global marketplace:  Global marketplace is full of opportunities, so market expansion has become essential to leverage the business scope effectively. our business assignment help experts selected UK as the foreign expansion country as compared to Japan and South Africa. Infrastructure of UK will be analyzed to assess its current viability for the market expansion. Ability of the country to distribute, promote and properly price the products of company will be also analyzed. Impact of cultural, religious or political situations will be also covered in respect of the UK. Furthermore, environment analysis will be also done by considering demographic, cultural, religious and political factors of two potential market expansion countries. Potential demand for the products in the UK will be also evaluated to ensure that whether the country is promising or not for market expansion. Cultural issues regarding computer practices will be also assessed to help the marketing and technical team of the company.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure in the UK is developed and extensive in the world. It is known for its communication, transport and railways. Government is taking various initiatives to strengthen the position of UK infrastructure. Different programs are developed by UK government to improve the roads, stations, communication etc. Private industry is hired by UK government to upgrade the power and communication related projects.

Railway and road networks of the country extensively developed that are good to transfer products from one place to another. UK trade and investment helps in promoting the products through trade fairs and extensive researches. Broad ranges of export services are offered by UK government to distribute the products of the company. Newly structured Olympic park in London will bring lots of business opportunities to the firm to promote its products. It can be stated that Olympic Park is also a positive aspect of UK infrastructure. As per analysis of assignment help, UK is a developed country, so it will be easy to distribute, promote and price the products of Beverage Company.

Communication infrastructure of UK is good that will help in ensuring the delivery of product-related marketing mix to the target market effectively. For distribution, vehicles can be used to deliver the products to the stores for marketing to the target market. Current improvements taken by the government for its road, stations etc reflect that distribution will be easy. For promotion, different advertising media like, print, broadcast, online and outdoor media are used in UK that will help in promoting the beverage products of the company. There are lots of promotional tactics available in the UK that can be used by the company to promote its products to the target market. For pricing, the country is able to ensure proper pricing by UK trade and investment practices.


Target market: Target market in UK is between the ages of 30 to 50 years. This target market is more orientated towards healthy drinks that increase their health and fitness. Target market is affluent in the UK that has a good lifestyle and living standards. Living standards of people in UK have risen under the effects of economic changes in this developed country. It shows that people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Products that are harmful for the health are not preferred by the middle age people. So, target market in the UK has the ability to utilize the beverage products of the company that are full of energy drinks. The energy drinks of the company will be full of healthy ingredients that will attract the target market to purchase the products. Hence, our assignment writers stated that current situation of target market will enable them to utilize the products of the company.


Impact of Situations: Cultural, religious or political factors may influence the market expansion of the company in the UK. Cultural beliefs, values and norms of the country may influence the promotional plans of the company for its beverage products. In UK, people follow different culture, so these cultural aspects are not properly adopted in the distribution and promotional activities, it can lower the acceptance of the products by the UK citizens. Similarly, rituals and norms of particular religion, if not considered effective, can result into avoidance of company products by the target market. In UK, there are various ethnic groups that follow different religions, so if promotional tools are not effectively used during occasional events, it can result into loss of company efforts. Political factors like regulations, rules and changes in policies may influence the promotional and distribution plans of the company in a relation to its market expansion.


Environmental Analysis: our business experts selected UK and Japan to evaluate the demographic, cultural, religious and political environment.


Demographic: Most of population in the UK is between 30 to 50 years. Purchasing power of people in the UK is growing that is a positive sign of heavy acceptance of the company products in this country (Stationery Office (Great Britain), THE U.K. STATIONERY OFFICE, 2011).


Culture: Culture of the UK is secular and reserve. In the UK, people believe in fair play. So, these aspects of the culture have to be considered by the company before formulating marketing mix strategy for its business expansion.


Religion: Various ethnic groups reside in the UK that has different rituals. So, this will be also positive for ensuring target market acceptance, if religious aspects are properly incorporated by the company.


Political: A political environment in the UK is stable. Corporate tax reduction and credit tax increase are some good step by UK government for proper flow of business. So, it will be effective for market expansion plan of the company.


Demographic: In Japan, more than 60% population ages from 15 to 64. The Japanese language is followed by the people in Japan. Purchasing power of Japanese is also higher and they also prefer a healthy lifestyle. So, it will be also a positive aspect for the company to expand its business in Japan.


Culture: Japanese believe in strong work culture and follow ethical behavior. Harmony is highly preferred by Japanese. In Japan, people follow strong values in the business practices. So, these aspects have to be considered, while planning to expand in Japan.


Religion: There are various religions in Japan, but Shintoism and Buddhism are highly renowned religion in Japan. Religions in Japan have their own norms and values that have to be followed by the company, while expanding its business.


Political: Federal government system of Japan is centralized and stable. So, this is a positive aspect of doing business in this country.  


Potential Demand: In the UK, potential demand for company’s product is higher. As per the demographic, cultural, religion and political environment of the country, it can be stated that market expansion plan will have a higher probability of the success. In the UK, people are concerned towards healthy products to maintain their health and fitness good. So, beverage products like an energy drink will be preferred by this population to ensure their fitness. Lifestyle and living standards of UK citizens reflect that they would prefer to use an energy drink to refresh their mood from a busy schedule. With growing purchasing power, potential demand for the energy drink products among the UK people will be higher. With attractive messages and campaigns related to the energy drinks, it would be possible for the company to enthrall the demand in the UK target market. The energy drinks will be popular among the youngsters and middle age people.


Cultural Issues: Computer practices involve several cultural issues that need be considered by the management and technical team of the company in the UK. There are as follow explain by assignment writing experts:


Code of Conduct: There is a code of conduct regarding computing practices that need to be followed by the people. As per this code of conduct, people are required to keep interaction with other people working on similar task in the organization.


Confidentiality: It is essential to maintain the confidentiality of the information related to the customers or rival firms. So, management and technical team of the company must follow this rule, while doing computing practices.


Disclosure of information: Management and the technical team should not hide any information that may result into prejudice situations. Information that is of interest to customers should be disclosed by the team during computing practices. Avoidance of this may result in a rejection of company products by the company, as people in UK prefer fair play values.


Conclusion: On the basis of above market expansion analysis assignment help and environmental analysis over UK, it can be stated that UK will be the right choice for market expansion goals. The external environmental analysis also shows that demographic, culture, religion and political factors of the UK are supportive enough to expand the business of the company. It can be also stated firms should effectively evaluate all alternatives before making a final selection of foreign market to expand the business. The ability of a country to distribute, promote and price the products should be also assessed. Apart from this, the ability of target market to utilize the products should be also judged before selecting the target market. Furthermore, it is essential for the country to analyze the potential demand of the products in the target market. So, it can be generalized that firms should adhere to the cultural issues regarding computing services in order to avoid any future issues.


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