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Total Quality Management Program Assignment Help: For better understanding total quality management program assignment help, We have taken the BJB Manufacturing Company in which you developed a quality management approach for BJB and determine that what needs the stakeholders may have for BJB’s products.

Quality Management Approach: BJB Company is manufacturing the components for the lighting technology or light fitting assemble products for 140 years. Company mainly focuses on providing new, user-friendly lamp holder system, terminal blocks, switches and lamp in worldwide market (BJB, 2012). This paper develops a quality management approach for BJB Company and determines need of stakeholders for BJB products.

Quality management approach is used by organization to maximize the competitiveness through continuous improvement in the quality of its products/services. The quality management approach defines the acceptable level of quality and describes how BJB will ensure this level of quality in its deliverables and work processes. The quality management approach according to ISO-9001:2008 in BJB will be a good option because it will give many advantages to firm. ISO-9001:2008 total quality management (TQM) will be the most comprehensive quality management approach for BJB. TQM is the most holistic quality management concept rather than other quality management approaches such as BPR, Six Sigma, etc.

Through TQM, BJB can continuously evolve control systems and optimization process of production with a focus on customer requirements and satisfaction. BJB management should follow the four stages that are quality inspection stage, quality control stage, quality accuracy stage and total quality management stage to improve the quality of products. TQM approach starts with simple inspection-based systems. In the quality inspection stage, characteristics of the products are examined or tested by project management team of BJB by comparing with customer requirements and satisfaction.  as per assignment writing experts, In the next quality control stage, BJB quality control team should be focused on different ways to control quality and to ensure greater process control and reduce the number of product failure materials.

Performance-data collection, feedback to the earlier stage and self-inspection can be the main mechanism for preventing quality of products and improving production process. Another stage is quality assurance stage that is the important part of TQM approach. The major characteristics of this stage are the use of work instruction, quality manuals, quality planning, quality audits, etc. In this stage, BJB should set-up a system for controlling the quality of product. Total quality management stage is the last stage of quality management approach. During this stage, BJB should involve the application of quality management principles in every branch and at every level in the organization. In this process, BJB should have a clear and unambiguous vision, proper training facilities, good relationship with suppliers & customers, and should focus on product quality.

BJB should not only focus on product quality but also the quality of whole organization including sales, finance, human resource and other manufacturing functions. TQM approach would improve BJB management system and organizational performance that will increase the global reorganization of BJB, so it can enable to compete in global market. Our management assignment help experts says that BJB is located in Germany and provides its product in China, UK, USA, Japan, Italy, Brazil and other nations worldwide. BJB’s stakeholders such as customer, employees, management, government, suppliers or distributors, have different needs from company’s product. Customer requires the best quality lighting technology related products at reasonable price. Customers need user-friendly and electricity efficient BJB products those are effective to use and save the money for them in long time. Government may require that BJB lighting solutions fulfill the quality assurance and consider the law of country related to quality and product standard.

Government can also require that BJB product should be manufactured according to the country’s electricity or lighting product standards. Government may also need that BJB products are not harmful for environment and contribute to reduce the pollutions to save the environment and society. Management of BJB may need continuously development of new and innovative products to fulfill the demand of customers and cover the new market base. Management and shareholders need that BJB products fulfill the requirement of customers and satisfied them, so company effectively generate more revenue and take competitive advantage in market. Employees of BJB need satisfaction for customers and image of company in market with quality products and services. It is because it can create social value and provide the satisfaction to employees. Suppliers and distributors needs that company may provide quality products with sufficient price, so they can effectively attract the customers and can earn reasonable amount of profits. Supplier and distributor may need that BJB should focus on innovation and introduce other lighting technological products that will help them to improve their business and provide the opportunity to contribute into the success of company.

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