Marketing Assignment Help Sample Advertising Trends in Future

Marketing Assignment Help Sample Advertising Trends in Future

Nowadays, advertising has become a new marketing tool to attract customers and address challenges of rival firms (Biagi, 2011). There are several trends that might affect or impact advertising used by the marketers. By considering these trends, there will be discussion of trend impact on advertising in future along with some real world examples.

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Along with this, future of advertising in coming ten years will be also covered.

Impact of Trends As per marketing case study assignment help experts, there are various trends that might affect advertising. Out of these trends, internet, globalization and innovation are chosen to assess the impact. These are as follow:  

Internet: Today, internet has become the new marketing tool that has made the shopping experience for customers easy and comfortable. In current scenario, customers want easiest ways of shopping and decision making related to their purchasing (Brown, 2010). Before going directly to shops, customers prefer to conduct a study of available options through internet from home. It helps them to figure out what is really worth for their money in the market, where it is available, at what price etc.

Internet has shaped the way of advertising in a dramatic way and will likely to influence it more in future. Marketers are using internet heavily for advertising to save cost and invest that cost in other areas of business. Internet has expanded the scope of advertising. Internet might influence advertising by further opening new dimensions of promoting the products and services in a cost effective way (Biagi, 2011). By using internet, the marketers might be able to put their business forward through developing interactive advertising campaign that is informative for target audiences.  Use of internet in advertising might improve the website visibility of marketers in future that is positive for their growth. In coming years, advertising will take the shape of internet marketing in a heavy extent. It might be used not only as communication tool in advertising, but also as distribution and transaction mode in future (Brown, 2010). Internet will be used by the marketers in advertising to help the customers to access information, make purchase decisions and get entertained. In other words, internet might influence the message used in advertising to promote the products among target market.

Internet will be used by advertisers as an informative tool for customers to help them in making purchase and payment related decisions. For example e-Bay that deals with direct consumer to consumer sell of products range from house, cars even jeans. Sellers can easily sell their products through e-Bay by accessing individuals all over the world. It can be argued that internet might influence marketing mix strategies of marketers. In future, product offering might be affected by internet through opening more ranges for products, setting more affordable pricing, ensuring more visibility to promote and distribute the products and services. Amazon is another example of internet use to advertise and sell products to customers online. Investment on internet for advertising by firms has tripled from 2000 that shows the influence of internet presently and in future (Biagi, 2011). Increasing use of internet by video game industry to advertise their innovative games is another trend that is likely to impact advertising in future. Now, the target market is ready to pay for online content. For example, iTunes launched by Apple received a great response of customers for music download. Along with this, people can also download audio/video files by subscribing to services. These services are known as podcast that will influence advertising in a heavy manner in coming years.

Globalization: Globalization has influenced advertising a lot and shaping its future dramatically. Under globalization, advertising strategy is not uniform, as it has to meet the cultural requirements of each country culture in its message. This trend might influence advertising due to changes in economic conditions. For example, if there is economic recession all over the world, advertising strategy will be more collaborative, cooperative and transnational everywhere in terms of messages (Faulconbridge, Beaverstock, Nativel & Taylor, 2011). It might also influence the use of communication tools under advertising strategy to deliver more interactive message to the target audiences in all over the world. Impact of western culture and consumption pattern might be seen in advertising strategies of marketers across the globe to attract the potential customers. Cultural aspects will be more focused and included by the marketers in their marketing mix strategy to best suite the varying needs of target population in different countries (Sinclair, 2012).

For example, in future, companies like Coca Cola might develop their marketing mix strategies to develop global advertising campaigns like “Open happiness” to develop trust and confidence among people all over the world even during adverse conditions like economic recession. In doing so, the firm might change its product strategy by adding more creative features, pricing strategy by offering valuable prices, promotional strategy by using integrated marketing mix and distribution strategy by expanding stores. It can be argued from this projection that marketing mix strategies will be more aggressive and creative in future. Increasing globalization might also influence the use of media by forcing firms to adopt global media in advertising strategy in order to reach maximum target market in minimum efforts in future (Biagi, 2011). Use of international celebrities might be increased in future in advertising strategies of brands range from automobile to retail products due to globalization. Advertising strategies will be more informative and creative as compared to current scenario to attract the attention of viewers in future.

Innovation: Innovation is another trend that might impact advertising in coming years. Now, in the search of innovation, marketers are offering new applications and services in their products to attract the target audiences. For example, Podcast is the result of innovation that has attained a great attention by target audiences especially among young generation that is ready to pay for audio/video files. Cloud computing is another form of innovation that has influenced the advertising strategies of firms in an impressive manner and will likely to influence in future. For example, employees of Netflix use cloud network of Amazon to manage the program delivery of Netflix. Amzon can use its cloud network to promote its products and services effectively in future (Biagi, 2011). Similarly, innovation has also influenced cable industry heavily and now, it has become necessary under laws to have digital network instead of cable or satellite. So, now to promote brands and services, advertisers have to avail services of digital TV rather than traditional cable TV operators to reach their target audiences that are mass population (Biagi, 2011).

It is also a form of innovation that might influence the investment made by marketers in advertising in future. Use of social networking sites for advertising is also innovation trend that has affected and might affect advertising ways dramatically. Under the influence of innovation, firms will advertise their products and services through using viral marketing that will also help to increase customer base and spread a word of mouth. For example, Wal-Mart, Apple, Dell Computers etc are many large firms operating in different industries are using Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to advertise their offerings to target customers (O’Guinn, Allen & Semenik, 2011).

Virtual reality system that are aimed to provide a new user experience to users by creating a digital environment or setting might also influence the advertising mode of marketers in similar industry (Biagi, 2011). In future, innovation might influence the marketing mix strategies. Like, marketers will offer more innovative features in product strategy, pricing will be more valuable, promotion will be more advanced and interactive and place will be more accessible and attractive. It can be stated by marketing assignment help experts that advertising might be influenced by internet, globalization and innovation to high extent that is interesting from consumer’s point of view