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Centralized and Decentralized System Centralized organizational structure provides the decision making authority to the top level managers. Further, only few people are responsible for making polices and decisions for the company. On the other hand, in case of decentralized organizational structure, authority is delegated to all the employees at different levels and departments. Both organizational structures are suitable according to the decision making power that has been distributed throughout all the levels.

Both centralized and decentralized organization structures are suitable to make innovative marketing strategies and promotional plans as per the nature of the products. In case of marketing firms, decentralized organizational structure is useful in order to make effective marketing strategies. With the help of decentralized organizational structure, marketing firm can be able to get innovative and unique ideas to make effective policies and decisions for every department in the organization. In addition, decentralized organizational structure depends on the size of the organization and its geographical dispersion. With the help of decentralized structure, companies can be able to have innovative and creative ideas for the marketing campaign with unique punch lines, uses of attractive colors, graphical effects, use of dimensions, etc. Further, organizations are also able to make faster decision making and adaptability to the changing market situation as per the changes in the requirements, need and variances in the values of the society. It is useful for the marketing firms because delegation of authority is helpful in improving the overall quality of work within the organization. Employees within the organization also treat themselves as a part of the organization. Moreover, delegation of authority to every department is useful in reducing the time and cost of decision making.


In case of marketing firms, it is necessary to delegate authority to every department, so that they are able to take quick decision according to the changing market environment. Further, they are also able to adopt different controlling techniques in order to make improve overall performance of the organization. On the other hand, with the help of decentralization, organizations can be able to make better communication between various departments. Managers and employees in various departments are responsible and accountable for their activities. In addition to this, decentralization may also facilitate growth and diversification of product and services in the market. In case of decentralization, each product line is treated as the separate division through employees, as they have authority to make required changes and they are able to respond quickly to the changing market needs of the customers. In addition to this marketing assignment help experts said that, decentralization also reduces the burden of top management. Managers at the top level can be able to focus towards other areas regarding the growth and development of the company.


Focusing towards the growth and development is helpful in giving tough competition to the rivalry firms within the market. For example, Coca-Cola has adopted the decentralized organization structure through which this company is able to make proper coordination between various departments. Coca-Cola has achieved the competitive advantage in effective marketing strategies and grab a large part of customers. Thus, it has been analyzed that decentralization is helpful in bringing coordination among various departments in the organization to manage the growth and marketing of a product in the global market. From the above discussion by assignment help experts, it has been analyzed that marketing plays an important role in attracting the customers to buy product and services. In order to sustain in the competitive environment of the 21st century, marketing is used to create competitive advantages for the firms. Further, promotional and developmental plans are difficult for the marketing experts, during the maturity period of the products, as this is the stage where customers need something new from the products, so that they prefer to switch. Marketing firms should use the decentralized organization structure for the promotion of goods and services.


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