Marketing Mix Analysis onUniversity of Phoenix Assignment

In the field of business management, marketing mix can be defined as the elementary notion, which comprises four different kinds of Ps. These P’s denotes four different aspects, which are Product, Place, Price and Promotion (Gordon, 2012). All these P’s play a significant role to prepare marketing strategies for a product or service provided by any organization in the area of both social and commercial marketing.

This assignment help paper explores the marketing mix elements in concern of the University of Phoenix. Analysis of Marketing Mix Elements for University of Phoenix University of Phoenix was established by Dr. John Sperling in 1976, which has become one of leading educational institution in 21st Century (About: University of Phoenix 2012).


The mission of this university is to provide opportunities for the student to get a higher education, so that student can enhance their skills and knowledge in different professional areas.


Product: Product means good and service offered by a firm. It can be in different for such as tangible and intangible. The University of Phoenix is a firm, which operates in the service industry. Thus products offered by the university are different kinds of educational services. The main aim of this university is to serve different kinds of academic programs in different areas such as arts and science, business and management, human services, criminal and justice, etc.


Apart from this, some other programs are related to technology, psychology, nursing, and healthcare, etc. for the student, so that they can improve their professional and educational skills. This university provides all kinds of diploma and degree such as associates, bachelor’s, masters and doctorate. The degree and diploma programs of the university have been designed with the association of different academic institutions and industry professionals, so that university management can ensure a high level of quality and integrity for their services.


All the education is provided by professionals and experienced associates with a positive and influential ambiance. Apart from this, the university also offers different online programs for Diploma and certificates within the area of management, nursing, technology, law and criminal services, etc.


Place: This element of marketing comprises target market, distribution channels to offer services and products to the customers, coverage of the market, etc. The University of Phoenix is provided its education services at more than 200 campus locations and learning centers in the United States of America (Campus Locations: University of Phoenix, 2012).


University has different kinds of business schools and colleges to serve the student such as the school of business, school of advanced studies, college of nursing, college of criminal justice and security, college of humanities, etc. As the university has several learning institutions and colleges at different places, where a student can reach easily, it is one of the main reason for its popularity and growth. Additionally, this university also serves online education programs for diploma and certificate and serves all over the world. Students, who are not in the United States or cannot join regular university programs, can opt for online programs of this university.


Price: In marketing mix, the price can be evaluated as the value of product and services. In the University of Phoenix, the fees structure is different for different kinds of educational programs. It is varied according to the nature of degree and location of the institution. For instance, in the University of Phoenix, for the program of Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management, estimated tuition fee is $9,880 per year.


The tuition fee changes are a concern of university decision as they want to provide high quality and digital education to the students. Additionally, this fee is different for those students, who want to do online diploma courses and certificate. University also provides offer to pay fees in different installments to reduce the burden on students and provide scholarship also.


Promotion: Promotion includes advertisement and popularity of the products and service through different tools such as personal selling, sale promotions, advertising strategies, etc. (Gordon, 2012).


For the promotion of universities’ programs and courses, university management uses different practices such as an online advertisement, and electronic media. The student can interact with the professionals face to face or through video conferencing and get knowledge about different programs. University also operates a CRM process, so that student can contact the university anytime and resolve their queries through telephonic conversation or online means of communication. Conclusion Thus, University of Phoenix has prepared all the strategies of marketing strategies as per the marketing mix elements to ensure long-term success.


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