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As per our marketing assignment help experts, Sometimes a firm can achieve a key differential advantage by simply emphasizing how its offering satisfies existing consumers’ demand/desires and needs better than its competitors. This differential advantage can be gained by a company through its positioning strategy. Marketers conduct market research to analyze consumers’ preferences and identify product position in the minds of customers in a relation of competitors’ offerings.


Product positioning Our online assignment help says that, Product positioning is a


marketing strategy to present the products in the best possible light to different target audiences. The positioning of the product includes creating the message to reach target group and it involves symbol and message manipulation, displays and packaging.


Along with this, product positioning also refers to consumers’ perceptions of a product’s attributes, uses, quality, and advantages and disadvantages relative to competing brands. Positioning gives information to the customer about the product in a unique way.


It creates value and ensures that customers will pay more for the product because they understand and agree with product’s position. In addition to this, positioning helps to create a brand as well as to extend the market position for new products. Along with this assignment help in Australia and USA, positioning creates a differentiation of the product that develops a competitive advantage over the rivals.


Examples A company: Hyundai, a company that understands how to consistently move upstream through intelligent product positioning. It creates havoc in the market for their competitors and finds new ways to innovate and develop value propositions for their customers and prospects. A product: The famous positioning of the 7-Up product as the “Uncola” for those people who didn’t interested to consume cola drinks. A positioning strategy: A positioning strategy is popular to advertise product characteristics which the competitor doesn’t have. For example, L’Oreal has positioned its color as no ammonia hair color. The product characteristics may be short-lived and can be adopted by the competition.


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