Strategic Philanthropy to Organizations Assignment Help

The strategic philanthropy of organizations is quite beneficial to develop a positive image in front of consumers. Due to this, they enable to present care in respect to their key stakeholder such as community, consumers, environment, employees etc. In the current business environment, positive image of the organization is quite essential to develop competitive position within the given industry.


An organization’s positive image helps to attract more customers in comparison to the competitors that facilitate an effective floor for business growth. It not only helps the organization to attract consumers but also enables to find best talents and people that provide new ways to create business opportunities.


Currently, organizations spent a huge amount to market the product and service at the global level. The strategic philanthropy provides an avenue from where organizations enable to market their products and to focus on social causes simultaneously.


With this, organizations get engaged to market their products or services globally at less cost. The Yoplait Company, for example, launched “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign in which it kept pink lids in its products and consumers encouraged to mail this. For this, the company promised to donate 10 cents to a breast cancer foundation in exchange for every pink lid.


It appealed consumers to purchase products of Yoplait as they felt good to make the relationship with such company. This strategic philanthropy helped the company to increase sales and to develop a feeling of respect and admiration among consumers for the company. The company’s efforts in respect to the community helped to increase employees’ moral and satisfaction level at the workplace.


It helps the company to increase employee productivity without any cost. The strategic philanthropy of organizations also helps to retain the best talent and loyal employees within the industry that is essential for business sustainability in this competitive business environment. An effective consumer relationship of business with has become a tool to create competitive advantage and this is obtained through strategic philanthropy approach by the organizations.


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