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Subway SWOT Analysis Assignment Help Satisfaction level for customers does not remain consistent. It is considered a weakness of Subway Company because it is necessary for the company to maintain the satisfaction level of the customers every time. Customer loyalty plays an important role in growth and success of any organization. Consistency in satisfaction level is crucial for the company to generate belief and intention to repurchase its products again and again.


If the company is not able to maintain the satisfaction level of the customers consistently, it is difficult for the company to create brand loyalty for its products and services. The company cannot be able to make the customers loyal due to inconsistency in satisfaction level. In this concern, our management assignment help says that company makes some promises to the customers in order to satisfy them. In the condition of breaking these promises, the company cannot retain its customers for a long period of time. Overall, it has an adverse impact on its customer base that leads to a reduction in its revenues and profits.

The company can provide the consistent level of satisfaction by considering different elements such as product quality, access of location, good experience at each level. Company can minimize this weakness by delivering its promises, which it has made with the customers to be delivered at every stage of its business.


The company should make realistic promises that can be fulfilled by the company with ease in future. Customers like a predictable experience that assists them to buy products of same company repeatedly. Fulfillment of promises can help the company to build trust and confidence of the customers in its products and services. A company can develop skills and knowledge of the employees that can be helpful in the handling of the customers’ complaints and queries effectively. In addition, the company should retain its experienced employees by reducing employee turn rate through effective compensation plans.


It will motivate its employees to perform in well manner. Through this, they will be able to satisfy its customers equally at each store. It should give respect to each customer and make attention on queries of the customers. Company can improve after sale service by providing additional benefits to the customers after selling its products. It can be useful for the company to compensate for the negative impact of inconsistency in customer satisfaction. Apart from this, the company should give a response to the customers on time by establishing an effective communication channel.


Frequent updates about the ways of customer satisfaction by the company can be beneficial it to ensure the customers about effective delivery of the goods. It also helps to build confidence and trust in the customers about company’s products and services. Another weakness of the company is an old and out-of-date look of the franchises. Company has not changed its decor and interior designing in its stores. Company uses same architecture for its stores that were built in starting time of their openings. It does not get changed decorum of its stores according to preferences of the customers and demand of the market.


Competitors of the company such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. also present their stores ineffective and decorative way. It helps them to attract more customers in the market. It is essential for the company to establish a store in a stylish manner as per the tastes and preferences of the customers. People want to spend a quality time and take food items in these stores. Therefore, the interior decorum of the stores should be well furnished and in a modern way. It is the concern of the customers’ experience inside the store that is essential for the company to retain the customers and feel them good to come again.


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