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Marketing Budget Analysis for marketing plan assignment help

Our marketing assignment help experts says that marketing budget is an important part of the marketing plan as it defines the cost or expenses for running the marketing activities in the competitive marketplace to increase overall sales and profitability.

In the marketing plan of disaster relief kit of Johnson & Johnson, the marketing budget is finalized for marketing communication cost such as advertising, public relation, direct contact and promotion (Marketing Advertising Plan Assignment Help). It is because it will help the firm to ensure positive response of the customers due to increasing awareness among them. While finalizing the marketing budget for Johnson & Johnson for marketing its disaster relief kit, several points will be focused and included.


Firstly, for this project or marketing the disaster relief kit in the global market, $10 million will be finalized as budget (Flexible Budget Assignment Help) to sell its products and increase awareness among the customers. This budget will include different expenses for including the features and ingredients in disaster relief kit to provide benefits to the customers for whom this kit will be developed or produced.


Firstly, tools to save the life of human being will be developed through incorporating the positive aspects such as medicines and antibiotics that can reduce the level of diseases among customers (Sales Promotion Assignment Help). At the same time, as a part of disaster relief kit, EAP (employee assistance program) will be also incorporated as it will provide the services to the people, who suffered from floods or earthquakes, or man-made traumas related to violence, terrorism or untimely death. It would be beneficial for the firm to spread its image globally in terms of working as human-oriented firm. For this, overall $8 million will be estimated, that will include following ingredients :


Ingredients in disaster relief kit Budget Benefits
Health care products $1 million Protect human from increasing level of diseases
Medicines $1.5 million Reduce the unhealthy concerns and factors
Food and water packets $3.5 million Fulfill basic needs of needy people
Emergency Assistance $2 million Be prepare for offering services to the unhealthy people

Above services and products will be incorporated in the disaster relief kit of Johnson & Johnson to attract the customers and create a positive image of the firm along with ensuring the success of the project of disaster relief kit by Johnson & Johnson. At the same time, to provide the services of disaster relief kit, marketing budget will be also developed and followed to provide the services within estimated time and budget to most of the consumers (Marketing Plan Budget Analysis Assignment Help).


A remaining budget of $2 million will be allocated to different marketing activities to ensure the higher profitability and customer base. In this way, different marketing activities will be followed to market the disaster relief kit among customers. As a part of the marketing plan, after finalizing the budget, list of the marketing strategies will be prepared that would be followed for distributing the amount of budget. After this, a budget for each marketing activities will be allocated that is as follow:


Marketing activities Budget Performed tasks and use
Research and development $2,00,000 In this, needed areas and people will be identified those are affected with diseases or any health-related problems to deliver the disaster relief kit
Promotion $3,00,000 To make aware to the people about disaster relief kit, promotional tools will be used, so that this kit can be offered to the maximum number of affected people.
Charity, Seminars and donations $11,00,000 To make familiar to the customers worldwide, Charity, Seminars and donations will be conducted as it will increase positive image of the firm in the international market.
Delivery of the disaster relief kit $1,00,000 The disaster relief kit will be offered to the concerned or affected people.
Others $3,00,000 If there will be any requirement for any changes, it is allocated for the improvement.

Above budgeting plan can be followed by Johnson & Johnson to develop features of its disaster relief kit and to market this into the competitive marketplace.


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