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Concept of Coupon as Sales Promotional Tool by Marketing Assignment help Experts :


Our marketing sales promotion assignment help says that With increasing competition, it has become essential for firms to make use of effective promotional tools and coupon is among one of the most commonly used promotional tool. Coupons refer to certificates with a fixed value that consumers can redeem with retailers or producers at the time they make suitable purchase.


Coupons are usually used by retailers and manufacturers to attain their specific sales and marketing goals as done by Costco as a well-known Retail Company. The company makes an active use of coupon as a sales promotional tool ad it helps it in stimulating demand and appropriates direct tracing of sales.


Rebates as Sales Promotional Tool assignment help:  Rebates as a sales promotional tool offer value to buyers usually by lowering the customer’s final cost of buying a product. Some of the manufacturers use it to eliminate risk related to the purchase of a new or unknown product. Rebates are used by marketers as incentives or supplements to increase product sales. Rebates are used by companies in different forms as cell-phone manufacturers offer a mail-in rebate for the purchase of a new phone. According to marketing assignment help experts when customers know that they will get full refund they are more likely to purchase as in presently used by that offers customers with a new product if they are not satisfied.


Pros and Cons of Coupons and Rebates: our assignment help says that use of coupon is beneficial for the company in case of a price-sensitive consumer. It is an effective sales promotional tool for inducing trail of new or the product already being served. Coupons assist companies with a way to defend market share and promote repurchase. On the contrary use of coupon is always not effective as it is difficult for firms to determine the numbers of consumers who will use coupon.


Nowadays companies are going through his redemption and fraud in case of coupons as consumers redeem without purchase. Rebates provide value to consumers by lowering their final cost of buying a product. It is quite beneficial for consumers as it really helps them in lowering their costs at the time of making bulk purchases. Rebates work as a value enhancement in regard to higher priced products and are really beneficial for consumers. In addition to its advantages, it also has some disadvantages like redemption process is complex and it is given only with a greater volume of purchase in comparison to the volume of purchase needed.


Effective Sales Promotional Tool:  With the help of above discussion by the business marketing help experts, it can be said that the most effective promotional tool among coupon and rebates is coupons as it is easy to process in comparison to rebates. Rebates are used with an aim to increase the quantity of purchase frequency that in turn loads up customers with the product. On the other hand, it also dampens competition by momentarily taking consumers out of the market. It tries to encourage purchase of goods that could be postponed whereas coupons are legal certificates allow consumers to take advantage of specified savings on specific products.


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