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Marketing Strategy Assignment Help on  Kudler Fine Food 

In Southern California, a gourmet grocery shop has been founded by Kathy Kudler, which was named as Kudler Fine  Food. This is a bakery shop, which offers variety of bakery, milk and drink products such as dairy products, milk, cheese, wine, wheat crisp crackers, meat and sea foods, dry fruits, hard drinks, and soft drinks, cocktails and mocktails, etc. This bakery store was launched with the mission of offering fresh and tasty food products, so that maximum number of consumer will attract towards the store to enjoy delicious food and drinks items. Due to the changes in time, the mission of the firm has become to one of the best gourmet grocery shops all over the world. This marketing assignment help paper is developed to present a justification about the importance of marketing research, so that Kudler Fine Food can develop it strategies and tactics. Moreover, this paper also describes different areas in which market research is imperative. Apart from this, competitive intelligence and it’s important to develop marketing strategies and tactic is also given in context of Kudler Fine Food.

Importance of Marketing Research in the Development of Kudler Fine Food’s Marketing Strategy and Tactics: Marketing research is a process, which facilitates the marketing team to conduct a detail analysis of market to understand latest trends, needs and requirement of people. With the assistance of this process, marketing team collect variety of information about preferences of consumers, their culture, values, etc. so that they can offer suitable products to them. Under the process of marketing research, several aspects are integrated such as market segmentation, analysis of target market, positioning, establishment of marketing mix, evaluation of competition, etc. In addition to this, marketing research assignment helper says that it is also significant to understand the diversified nature of political, social, economical and technological environment of each country, so that different strategies can be planned as per the PEST environment and industry analysis. In context of Kudler Fine Food, marketing research is imperative to evaluate the extent of competition in the global market along with the threats and opportunities available in external environment.

According to marketing research is helpful for the managers to improve their perception to choose best alternative strategies and tactic to resolve the marketing issues and introduced the new and existed products effectively. Moreover, by conducting a process of marketing research, the manager of Kudler Fine and Food can evaluate the trends of three main areas, which are requirements and demands of consumers, need of products in the market and most effective and fastest distribution channel. We also provide case study assignment help of all subjects. With the assistance of marketing research, it becomes possible for the managers of Kudler Fine Food to understand the level of competition in food and gourmet grocery industry, as well as marketing mix elements such as price of product, which product should be introduced at which place, how to distribute the products, etc. In addition to this, manage can also industry environments such as threat of new entrance, competitor’s strengths, buyer and supplier’s power and threat of substitute product for long-term growth. It is helpful to create competitive advantages by implementing much better strategies and tactics to handle industry environment.

Different Areas in Kudler Fine and Food, where Additional Market Research is needed: As it has been evaluated that marketing research is significance for Kudler Fine Food, thus, company manager can enjoy several advantages through this research by giving additional focus on some sensitive areas such as regular changes in customer’s need, culture and values aligned with the food products, seasonal food, supply chain process, advertising and promotion through different information technologies, etc. Marketing research in these areas is beneficial for Kudler to influences the buying behaviour of the consumers. In addition, some other areas on which company should focus during market research are use of competitive strategy such as product differentiation or cost leadership, brand image of the product, uses of advertising tools such as social media networking, operational expense, use of diversified workforce in marketing research, etc.

Apart from this, manager should also evaluate the ways to influence purchasing behaviour of consumers to increase market shares and ensure sustainable growth of the firm. In order to do additional research to know consumer’s preferences, company should conduct a consumer survey process or a feedback survey. Moreover, company should also focus on the process of getting feedback and resolving queries of the customers. Thus, an effective CRM process should also be introduced by the firm to interact with consumers regularly and also provide them information about regular changes in the taste and varieties of company’s products. Through additional market research, company can identify the weaken areas and implement strategies and tactics to strengthen customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Thus, as per the explanation given in the above section by our assignment helper, it can be said that marketing research is a significant concept to position and promote the products in the industry. Through marketing research, manager of Kudler can evaluate different aspects such as competition level, customer’s demands, promotional methods, marketing mix, etc.

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