MBA Marketing Assignment Help :Definitions,Importance & Examples

Definitions of Marketing

Marketing can be defined as the process that consists of different tactics and strategies, which is used to identify, create and maintain the relationship with customers. Marketing also result value for both customers and company. It can also be termed as the activity of creating, communicating, exchanging and delivering different services that have value for the customers (Pride & Ferrell, 2011). On the basis of other source our MBA marketing assignment help says that marketing is the management process through which goods and services are moved from organization to customers.

Marketing mainly includes four elements these are selection and development of product,  determination of price, identify distribution channel and develop promotional strategy. These elements are helpful in making the marketing more effective and efficient (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). After analyzing both the definitions, it is identified that marketing is the set of activities, which offer products and services to customers by making profit for the company. Marketing has integrated many disciplines and every function of the organization either formally or informally. With the help of integrating every function, marketer can be able to motivate and influence the customers to buy product and services of the company.

It is analyzed that marketing should include the highest ethical standard, protecting environment and provide better services to customers. Focal point of all marketing activities is the customers and these customers are termed as the target market for the organizations. These target market may be small and large based on the size of the organization. Marketing is done in order to attract the customers to buy goods and services (Koekemoer, 2004). Two major aspects of marketing are acquiring the new customers and retaining and expanding the relationships with existing customers. Therefore, every organization adopts marketing in order to capture the large part of market shares and give competition to the rivalry firms.

Importance of Marketing

In today’s competitive market, no business can sustain without the effective marketing whether it is small or large business. Company’s success is majorly dependent upon the marketing efforts along with accounting, operational and financial functions. Marketing is helpful to create awareness among the customers about the products and services and make loyal customers for the company. Through marketing, customers are able to know what companies are offering to them and companies get the opportunity to convince the customers. In addition to this, marketing is helpful in capturing maximum market share, build the brand name and make the customers (Wrenn & Mansfield, 2005). Through the effective marketing, company can increase it sales. Marketing is majorly focused towards generating awareness among customers which in turn helpful in increasing the sales of company. ( Now you can 24×7 online business MBA simulation Assignment Help from our experts)

Three Different Examples

For example, Coca Cola has achieved the success in market through its innovative and attractive marketing. In the year 1999, Coca Cola was blamed by Belgian Health Ministry for its products. They stated that products of Coca Cola contained irregular taste. This incident has ruined the image of Coca Cola in the global market. Due to its effective and aggressive marketing strategy, Coca Cola has built its sound image in the market. Now, Coca Cola is the one of biggest companies in beverage industry (Peppas & Johnson, 2003). Thus, it is analyzed that marketing is important to build the sound image in the market.

Another company that has attained success in global market is McDonald. This company has adopted effective marketing strategy and now McDonald is known for its arch design, which attracts the customers and identifies the image of McDonald in the market. Therefore, with the help of marketing, company has achieved success in the market. Through marketing, McDonald has established sound position in the mind of customers and these customers are important for every company in order to be successful in the market (McDonald Corporation, 2008).

Apart from McDonald and Coca Cola, Wal-Mart assignemnt help has also started focusing towards the innovative marketing strategy. In order to overcome the challenges of recession, marketing strategy plays an important role in the success of Wal-Mart. With the help of marketing, Wal-Mart has generated awareness among customers about the low prices of products with high quality (Neff, 2009). Due competitive market environment, success of every organization is majorly dependent on the type of marketing strategy. Level of competition has increased, which has developed the importance of marketing for every business firm.


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