Riordan’s Supply Chain Assignment Help

Riordan’s Supply Chain 

Following is the supply chain diagram of Riordan that helps to develop understanding of its supply chain operations:

As per Master of Business Administration assignment help, the supply chain process of Riordan starts with customer order. The customer order is then verified in the customer service department, where sales orders from customer and schedule are being confirmed. After this, order is being transferred to the production control unit, where requirements for the order are analyzed with the availability of raw material. If there is any shortage of raw material, the order for purchasing raw material is given from vendors (Blanchard, 2010). The raw materials from suppliers are stored in the warehouse of the company from where it is being transferred to the production unit and then the raw material is transformed into finished product i.e. plastics are made. The finished products are again sent to warehouses in order to deport them. These finished products are then transferred to shipping department for supplying the products to different distributors. These distributors finally delivered the finished product to ultimate users or customers.



Blanchard, D. (2010). Supply Chain Management Best Practices. USA: John Wiley & Sons.