Military Leadership Assignment Help

Military Leadership Assignment Help

The situation is presenting that the Airman in Air Force is working for about eight months. She (Airman) is well respected and well liked by her superiors and peers because she is hard-worker and motivated young Airman.

However, during the joining Air Force she disclosed her mental illness and history of illicit drug use prior to entering the Air Force. As a military leader, I will change her designation in the department where the health issues will not affect the occupation. This decision would be taken because the Airman is hard worker, bright and motivated therefore she will be dedicated to her occupation. She has good educational qualifications and motivational attitude therefore she is able to do other military works. In her changed designation, she would be remained separate from the military’s intelligence branch(Military Leadership Assignment Help).

There are different factors that will influence my decision. The first factor is her dedication regarding joining Air Force and motivated behavior toward the work. As well as, the superior’s behavior for her, that will be favorable for my decision. She also well liked and well respected by her peers and superiors. Moreover, the leaders at all levels also encouraged to support their subordinates to seek help when they needed.

As she is not meeting the ethics made by the Air Force Department but my decision will also follow these ethics because the designation of Airman will be changed. The changed designation will not require the physical and mental fitness. On the other hand, my decision of termination based on pervasive stigma may affect negative on her career. The decision made on her pervasive and persistent stigma will be no good for her or anyone because the past stigma is not a base for an individual’s future career as the future career depends on present efforts and behavior. Therefore, the decision based on the situation will motivate to the Airman to do better his occupations. As a democratic leader, I am sure that my leadership philosophy will guide me in deciding how to proceed because the decision I took this decision from obtained inputs of my subordinates. Therefore, I will be able in preceding the decision by collaborative efforts from all participants. In this concern, the decision will be better in future in obtaining results from a particular job assigned to the Airman.

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