Motivate Employees Assignment Help

Various ways to motivate employees As per business assignment help experts, There are many ways by which an employer of online business can motivate his employees and following are the ways:

Communicate Better: It is very important for the employer to communicate face to face with his employees instead of just sending mails

and talking on calls. Face to face communication develops a thinking in the mind of the employees that they have value in the organization and the employer know the employees personally (Mayfield, et al., 2015). Communication is also a way by which the employees can easily talk to the employer and can express their views and suggestions.

Offer advancement opportunities: This is one of the best way to motivate the employees. If the employees will have opportunity of advancement than they will definitely do their best to complete the work on time and to get the opportunity. If the employees will not have any opportunity of advancement then they will not work with their best capability because they have no target to achieve (Uzonna, 2013).

Providing Incentives: Incentive is a way which almost every company use to motivate its employees because according to this scheme the employees get extra benefits like; gift card, movie tickets, extra paid day leave or other thing to appreciate the work of employees but among of these schemes the cash reward is the best way to provide incentive to the employees.

Create trust: It is very important to create trust among employees to motivate them. If the employees will feel that the management has trust on them and believes in their work than the employees will work with their best efforts for the growth of the organization and to develop faith in the mind of the employer.

Empower the employees: Promote an environment in the organization where the employees can freely give their suggestions to the management for the future improvement. To empower the employees provide training to them and ask the employees if they have any idea about how they can be more efficient and then apply their idea (Men and Stacks, 2013). So this is the way by which the employees can be motivated.

Way to maintain culture that encourages employee retention: Employee retention is an ability of the organization to retain its existing employees in a given period. There are many ways by which the organization can maintain the culture which encourage employee retention and these are discussed below:

Provide attractive compensation package: It is very important for the organization to offer attractive compensation package to its employees to retain its best employees. If the employees will get better compensation package in other company than he will shift in that company and to avoid this situation it a way to offer good compensation package to the employee (Osibanjo, et al., 2014).

Training and development: It is also a way to encourage employee retention culture in the organization because training and development programs helps the employees to develop their professional skills and this encourage the opportunity for the employees to grow (Jehanzeb and Bashir, 2013). Training and development programs educate the employees and this helps the employees in promotions.

Work life balance: It is very important that the organization have a healthy work life balance environment at the workplace so the employees can manage their time for the work and for their family also. If the organization has work life balance than definitely the employees will love to work at that organization because they can manage their professional and personal life easily.

Provide reward: Providing reward to the employees is a way to appreciate the efforts of the employees. It is very important to appreciate the efforts and work of the employees and providing them reward for their performance. The reward can be in cash form or in other form like gifts and other things (Aguinis, et al., 2013).

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