Mock Small Business Startup MBA Assignment Help

High Level Goal and Revenue Model

It is identified that a team would like to start up new mock business furniture. In order to set up the business in effective manner, team members have to define some high level goals and revenue model for the business. According to the study help expert to start the business effectively, team members have decided some high level goals. Team members are focused towards capturing the large part of market share in the overall industry. Business firm has decided to acquire 30 to 40 percent market share in the industry. In order to achieve the goal, company has decided lower prices for the products.

Another goal of the business is to achieve 40 percent profit. Company can achieve this objective, by providing high quality products with lower prices. Further, company should also adopt effective marketing strategy, so that they can be able to attract the customers. Team members are also able to acquire the large part of market share. Business firm is also focused towards having 20 percent sales in residential customer segment and 10 percent sales in commercial development segment (Silver, 2009). A part from this, company also wanted to become the top furniture supplier in the regional market. Team members have also built the revenue model for the mock business furniture. Revenue model of the business identify the sources through which business will generate the revenue and make the business profitable.

Thus, small mock business furniture will use the effective advertising model in its revenue model. In addition, company will generate the revenue through effective advertising of its innovative furniture. It is identified that newly start up business can attract the customers only through effective advertising, which in turn helpful in generating the profit for the company. Thus, business firm has used the effective advertising strategy for its revenue model (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010).

Internal and External Activities

As per Griffith Business Law assignment help for MBA professor, In order to start up the furniture business, team members have to perform various internal and external business activities. They have to order wood to the suppliers and identify the target market. In addition to this, company should also identify the appropriate marketing strategy for the business. Identification of the suppliers, customers, etc. are the external activities that business firm has to perform. Further, business also has to perform certain internal activities in order to start the business effectively. Griffith University assignment help for MBA

Internal activities include formulation of different departments of marketing, production, finance, etc. moreover, defining HR policies, developing effective culture, assigning roles and responsibilities are also internal activities. This activity is helpful in maintaining proper coordination between different departments (Carysforth & Neild, 2002). Moreover, business firm also have to frame different strategies and policies for the company. Team members also have to make effective planning in order to achieve the desired goals effectively. Other activities include the manufacturing of high quality furniture for the customers. Thus, it is identified that in order to achieve the sound position in the market, business firm has to perform different internal and external activities effectively. So, team members have divided the activities in such a way that will be helpful in managing work efficiently (Niewwenhuizen, 2009).