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Organization Distribution Channel Assignment Help Introduction Distribution of product plays an important role in the operations of the company. With the help of effective distribution channel, company can provide products according to the needs and demand of the customers in right time and right place (Rushton, Croucher & Baker, 2010). This assignment help paper discusses the distribution channels of Tesco Plc. in order to provide effective products and services to the customers.


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Distribution Channels Tesco Plc is a multinational leading grocery retail company. Company operates its business in more than 14 countries that provides the competitive advantages to the company in international market. The company has more than 3700 supermarkets, superstores and convenience stores in UK, Central Europe and Asia (Barnes, 2008). Company distributes products and services through four different distribution channels such as Tesco Express, Tesco Metro, Tesco Superstore and Tesco Extra throughout the world. These four types of distribution channels carrying different types of products and services (Fernie, 2004). Detailed description of these four distribution channels are as follow: Tesco Express: It is a convenience store of Tesco Plc. that provides daily uses products and services to the customers. Most of the Tesco Express convenience stores are opening as petrol forecourt shops that support organization to distribute products and services in easy way. Tesco Express at different locations is stocking a wide range of 1400 products that helps customer to select products and services according to the needs and demands (Fernie, 2004). Tesco Metro: These stores are established in center of cities that helps the company to attract urban customers towards the stores and products and services of different suppliers. These stores are also offering wide range of products, which includes fresh foods, takeaways and lunch time products and services to the customers (Plunkett, 2008). Tesco Superstore: These types of stores are offering non food products and services to the customers. These stores are larger in size and standard that helps the customers to select right products and services in low time (Barnes, 2008). Tesco Extra: Tesco Extra is larger in size and mostly stores are situated out of town in hypermarkets that stock all of Tesco’s products range. This range of products includes home ware, clothing, health equipments, beauty products and seasonal furniture (Plunkett, 2008).


Allocation of Services In the market, company also provides services to the customers in terms of providing loans and insurances. With the help of Tesco Bank, company offers wide range of products and covers them in order to provide great value. Company offers insurance, credit cards, loans, savings, motoring and travel facilities to the customers in effective way. In this, company provides different insurances that attract local customers towards the company. Through the help of insurance, company provides car, home, pet, travel, life, health, dental and breakdown covers. It also helps the company to maintain their customer base for the products in the country (Tesco Bank, 2012). Company also provides credit card facilities to the customer through Clubcard. Customers can receive these benefits from the stores and Tesco Bank by filling forms. Clubcard facilities help the customers to make free, easy and secure transaction though online banking. With the help of this credit card, customers can increase their membership points. Company offers extra point for every £4 spent on Clubcard that is beneficial for customers to improve their experiences with Tesco stores and receive benefits on different products and services such as fuel, restaurant meals, cinema trips, outings and many more (Tesco Bank, 2012).


Inventory Services A service company can effectively serve inventory services to other companies. In inventory services companies includes distribution, supply chain management, warehousing, etc. With the help of effective inventory services, companies can improve their performance in the market. It can also be helpful for the company to achieve competitive advantages in national and international market. A service firm can use effective means of communication to provide adequate services to the customers as per their requirements and inform the about different services values and codes of company, benefits of using services, etc. (Rushton, Croucher & Baker, 2010). By using means of communication, the staff of service provides firm can note done and record all the orders of customers and do proper inventories, which is also beneficial in cutting cost of the main company in manner of providing services in right time at the right place. In order to provide effective inventory services, Tesco uses inventory management system. In this, company uses various distribution channels at different locations. It can be helpful for the service provider firm to provide products and services in effective and efficient manner to the company stores and according to the needs and demand of customers in right time. Company can also establish its warehouses at different locations in the country. It can be helpful in maintaining stocks of products. Through this, company effectively manage products and provide them to the particular stores in low time. As a Service provider firm, Tesco can also make collaborative process redesign with customers (Jenster, Hayes & Smith, 2005). It can be helpful for the company to make effective supply chain network according to the needs of the company as well as customers.


Conclusion From the above discussion by marketing assignment help experts, it can be concluded that Tesco use different formats to distribute products and services to the customers. Company uses Clubcard to provide effective services and benefits to the customers. In order to inventory services in effective manner, Tesco uses inventory management system as well as different means of communications to record all the order and services that are given by firm to the customers.   References Barnes, D. (2008). Operations Management: An International Perspective. USA: Cengage Learning EMEA. Fernie, J. (2004). Logistics and Retail Management: Insights Into Current Practice and Trends from Leading Experts. USA: Kogan Page Publishers. Jenster, P. V., Hayes, H. M. & Smith, D. E. (2005). Managing Business Marketing & Sales: An International Perspective. Denmark: Copenhagen Business School Press DK. Plunkett, J. W. (2008). Plunketts Food Industry Almanac 2008: The Only Comprehensive Guide to Food Companies and Trends. USA: Plunkett Research, Ltd. Rushton, A., Croucher, P. & Baker, P. (2010). The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management. USA: Kogan Page Publishers. Tesco Bank (2012). Retrieved from You can contact us any time for business assignment help services at