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  • Nonprofit Organization Revenue Origin Matrix
Money Type Why should the nonprofit organization want this money? Why shouldnot the nonprofit organization want this money?
Government Grants
Foundation Grants
Private Giving
Social Enterprise-Earned Revenue

  Short Answer for the matrix – must be specfic   Answer the below questions – each must be at least 200 words in length and in APA format. How has the way in which nonprofit organizations acquire funding changed over recent years?   What implications do you see this having on the organization you have analyzed above?   Consider who is giving to organizations and the criteria that must be met to obtain funding. Harvest Hope Food Bank is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization that operates with a mission of ending local hunger with the help of shared community involvement. The organization’s purpose is to serve the needs of different hungry people by collecting and sharing quality food with self-regard, empathy and learning. In present, it is a regional food distribution organization that gathers, stores, and gives food and associated items that various families and children across 20 counties in central South Carolina (Harvest Hope Food Bank, 2012). Different sources of revenue are available to this Not-for Profit Company as discussed here in matrix with pros and cons (Powell & Steinberg, 2006).

Harvest Hope Food Bank Revenue Origin Matrix

Money Type Pros Cons
Government Grants Harvest Hope Food Bank need government grants as in this, it don’t need to repay it like in a loan. The government also help company in several other ways. The organization may not need it because it is a time-consuming process and chances of getting grant among several other organizations are very low.
Foundation Grants Foundation grants can provide the capital for the organization to undertake its mission to the best of its capability. The organization may not need it due to the difficulty of paper work requirements of foundation grants.
Private Giving Private giving funding is a good source of support for the organization’s new initiatives, special events, and special programs. The organization has to ask lots of people and need to convince them to get private giving funding.
Social Enterprise Earned Revenue Social enterprise earned value can help the organization in decreasing dependence on  irregular/incompatible funding The organization may not need it due to lack of certainty to earn sufficient funding from social enterprise earned values.

  Conclusion With the help of above discussion by business assignment help experts, it becomes evident that all funding sources are important for the Harvest Hope Food Bank in some or other way. It is not beneficial to rely on a single source of funding so; the organization can use different funding sources from time-to-time (Bray, 2010).   Answer 1 In recent years, there has been a significant change in how the economy works and ways in which nonprofit organizations acquire funding. Conventionally, fundraising was done by nonprofit organizations by asking for donations on the street or at individual’s door. Previously, the common way through which fundraising was done was face-to-face fundraising, but in recent years various new forms of fundraising like online fundraising have came forth. Today, for having funds nonprofit organizations have to come up with several new and creative ideas as well as also have to go through lengthy paper and administration procedures’. Time consuming paper and administrative work related to funding has evolved due to increasing competition among different nonprofits organizations. Today, funds are being decreased and paid late for nonprofit sector, which in turn leaves them to get stuck with their bill until they receive money (Bray, 2010). With increasing competition, now nonprofit organizations are learning to make short-term commitments instead of long-term commitments.

Private giving is also increasing with technological developments and success of different private organizations. Previously donations were the most significant source of revenue for non-profits but now individual and corporation giving is also evolving a key source of revenue for nonprofits (Sand, 2005). Answer 2 With the analysis of the ways through which nonprofit organizations acquire funding, it is clear that it has changed significantly in recent years and this also make an effect on the Harvest Hope Food Bank. Harvest Hope Food Bank is operating since 1981 and from the time, it has confronted different changes in funding pattern. Previously, the group members used to go to individual asking for funding but now, it is able to get in on their own or by combining with social enterprises. Previously, the company was not able to get large government grants but with improving economic situation and its long history, it is able to take advantage of new funding patterns such as online funding, corporation funding, private giving etc. The conventional form of acquiring revenue at the organization has changed completely as now it is better able to get online funds by completing all procedures in timely manner (Bray, 2010). The organization tie-ups with several other nonprofit organization and foundations also assist in getting revenue from foundation grants. In last 32 years history of the company, it has gone through various transformations but the most significant one was the way to acquire funds for it. Answer – 3 The Harvest Hope Food Bank has a long history and it is generating revenue through different means such as government grants, foundation grants, private giving, social-enterprise earned revenue etc.

The most of the revenue generated by it from government and foundation grants that are obtained by fulfilling the set criteria by the country government. The company obtain grants by developing a detailed plan that is written carefully outlining its financial as well as other goals (Sand, 2005). As well, the nonprofit also follow the procedure set to obtain grant starting from filing grant application to receiving grant. Grant proposals are also developed by following specific formats. Criteria set to attain foundation grants are also fulfilled by the Harvest Hope Food Banks that include registration as IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, convincing mission statement, capable leadership, appropriate programs with a good reputation for service delivery, effective operation and good support system etc. a large share of its revenue is gathered from private giving in which number of organizations and wealthy people help the Harvest Hope Food Bank due to its long history and effective image in the market. The private giving is also obtained by the nonprofit by following the set procedure. Books and websites are searched by the company to identify private donors and the set application process is used to apply for the grant (Pakroo, 2009).

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