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Strength: This is a large organization in terms of operations and due to this; it does not have any real

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competitors. The increasing waiting list exhibits high demand in compare to supply. Although there are several private hospitals available in UK, but Accident and Emergency services of the firm are unique (NHS, 2013). The growth and expansion of its services continually also provides strength to NHS. Weakness: NHS is not enabled to fulfill the demand of healthcare services due to increase in health issues and population. The complex structure of NHS is also disabled it to determine and address current and potential issues effectively (Jasper & Jumaa, 2008). Opportunities: The increasing demand of healthcare services due to increase in ageing people and heath issues in the country may \provide it huge consumer base (Chambers, 2005). Threat: The unavailability of competent staff may induce significant difficulties for NHS in satisfying high healthcare demand. It could also increase staff turnover for NHS (Ginter, 2013).

Strategic Planning On the basis of internal capabilities and external opportunities & threats, following strategic plan assignment help is determined for NHS: Vision: Following vision may help NHS to explore significant benefits from available opportunities: “To deliver cost and quality effective healthcare services for enabling people to enjoy life” Mission:  Mission statements defines such activities that an organization plan to implement for ensuring vision realization (Ginter, 2013). By providing high quality and approachable services to the patients and keeping employees and patients at the central of all activities, it may realize its vision in effective manner. By focusing over employees concern, NHS may improve operational effectiveness that could help it to solve issues of patients and to satisfy them in more effective manner. The improving satisfaction level of employees and patients would be beneficial to ensure cost and quality effective healthcare service offerings (Jasper & Jumaa, 2008). Objectives: It is also an important element of strategic planning that explains key properties of an organization in realizing and achieving mission and vision respectively. NHS may use following objectives in concern of mission:

  • To satisfy and retain key employees and staff of NHS
  • To introduce and implement effective communication system
  • To reduce cost and improve quality by focusing over operational efficiency
  • To improve patient safety and experience
  • To identify potential issues in concern of staff and patients (Thompson, 2004)

Strategies: Strategies are some action plans that organization frame to achieve objectives in short run. The above goals of NHS could be supported by implementing number of strategies in hospitals. By implementing an Information Technology (IT) framework, NHS can enable to provide healthcare services to the patients on real time basis. It would be beneficial to increase consumer satisfaction and to reduce operational cost. On the other hand, IT strategy may also help its staff to understand the insights of patients’ health issues and to provide better treatment to them. It could help to increase staff performance that will be effective to improve satisfaction level among them and patients as well (Ginter, 2013). In addition, formulation and review of effective performance measurement may also be used by NHS to motivate staff and to decrease operational cost. It could also obtain feedback from customers to address potential issues. References Chambers, R. (2005). Career Planning for Everyone in the Nhs: The Toolkit. UK: Radcliffe Publishing. Ginter, P.M. (2013). The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations (7th ed.). USA:  John Wiley & Sons. Jasper, M. & Jumaa, M. (2008). Effective Healthcare Leadership. USA: John Wiley & Sons. NHS (2013). Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values. Retrieved from: http://www.sath.nhs.uk/about-us/mission.aspx Thompson, D.F. (2004). Restoring Responsibility: Ethics in Government, Business, and Healthcare. UK: Cambridge University Press. At assignmenthelpexperts you get the ideal and unique task assignment help from our UK,US and Australian experts. From our business case study assignment help experts you will get 24X7 live assignment help and we assure you that you will get solution of your query in few minutes. Understudies who need management task can touch with our 24X7live emotionally supportive network or can send email at info@www.assignmenthelpexperts.com