Organization Supply Chain Management Assignment Help

Organization Supply Chain Management Assignment Help

Organization Supply Chain Management Assignment HelpBackground Wal-Mart is the company, which delivers its product and services all over the world. Main motive of the company is to save the money of customers and provide better goods and services. Wal-Mart serves around 10130 retail units in 27 countries. Apart from this our business help experts says that, Wal-Mart’s 2.2 million employees provide goods and services to customers worldwide. Main objective of Wal-Mart is to serve the customers efficiently. Mission of Wal-Mart is save people’s money, so that they can live better life (Wal-Mart, 2012).

Components of Supply Chain Management Supply: Wal-Mart acquires all its raw material and factors of production through its supply process. Company also focused towards maintaining its prices low by analyzing the supply of inputs. Wal-Mart also focuses towards maintaining the quality of products and services and upholds the flexibility in prices of products (Li, 2007). While maintaining its supply component, company also has to face the problem in selecting suitable supplier for the raw material. Another problem which Wal-Mart has to face is selecting the appropriate price for the raw materials. Wal-Mart has decided to maintain and develop the flexibility and quality, so that it can be able to reduce the cost (Li, 2007) Production: Production factor of Wal-Mart focuses on satisfying customer needs, overall demand in the market, capacity of the workforce and also the quality of goods and services. Due to the rapid changes in environment, taste and preferences of the customers and technology also changes frequently. Changes in technology creates problem for Wal-Mart in doing the effective production of goods and services. Company can be able to overcome from this problem by doing the proper research and survey of prevailing conditions. Moreover, company should also take regular feedback from customers (Samson & Daft, 2011). Location: Wal-Mart also makes efforts in selecting the appropriate location for its store. After identifying the demand of goods and services, Wal-Mart can be able to identify the exact location for its store. Challenges that Wal-Mart has to face in selecting the location are identifying the income level of people and their lifestyle. Analyzing the internal as well as external market condition helps in making the supply chain management effective (Wal-Mart, 2012). Inventory: Identifying the appropriate amount of inventory is also a component that Wal-Mart includes in its supply chain management. Wal-Mart has adopted Radio Frequency Identification (RIFD) technology in order to identify the everyday stock in its warehouse. Through this technology company can make the proper management of inventory. Sometimes, overloaded information in this technology may produce ineffective information that may affect the operations of the organization. Adoption of advanced technology helps in overcoming such type of problem (Masters, 2004). Information: Wal-Mart also has to collect the information from various sources in order to make its supply chain management effective. Wal-Mart has adopted linked computer system through, which it can trace required information. Through linked computers, Wal-Mart can be able to have customer feedback from all over the world. Wal-Mart face problem of theft of information as computer are linked globally (Li, 2007). In order to overcome this problem, Wal-Mart has adopted effective security system in order maintain the confidentiality of information. Transportation: Wal-Mart has adopted their own transportation system in order to provide goods and services to the customers. Own transportation system helps the company in reducing the cost and provide frequent services. Wal-Mart has to face the internal problems in its transportation system such as employees strike, unavailability of transportation facility, etc. In order to overcome this type of problem, company should also make arrangement for the outside transportation (Wal-Mart, 2012).

Importance of Quality Management and Measurement Through effective quality management system, organization can be able to manage the performance of employees and provide better services. This management system ensures the quality of goods and services within the organization. Wal-Mart has adopted its own satellite system for the doing the proper management of its and meetings and other operations. Own transportation and satellite system helps Wal-Mart in making optimum utilization of product and services (Roberts & Berg, 2012). Further, organization can also able to reduce the overall cost of production. Through its effective quality management, Wal-Mart is able to provide better quality of products at lower price. Moreover our WalMart company analysis assignment help says that, company is also able to achieve its mission that is save people money in order to provide better life can also be achieved through proper quality management. Measurement of Quality helps Wal-Mart in improving its services and also makes timely changes its strategies (Masters, 2004).

Control Chart Control Chart Assignment Help Wal-Mart uses above mentioned quality control chart in order to identify the total percentage of defects that are received from the supplier. In this chart, two limits are decided one is upper limit and other is lower limit. Organization has to maintain its overall working within these two limits. Sample percentage is maintained by Wal-Mart in order to analyze the number of defects (Ott, Schilling & Neubauer, 2005). Company has to work within the limits of stated percentage. Once company cross this limit then it has to stop the working and identify the critical areas.

Enterprise Resource Planning Wal-Mart has adopted the Data Mining software in order to make the enterprise resource planning. This database helps company in making effective communication between various departments. Wal-Mart is also able to increase efficiency of the employees and make improvements in its operations. Wal-Mart is able to communicate and share information from one department to another. Through this software, Wal-Mart employees can be able to access information about a particular item (Silva, 2005). Employees can also able to identify the sales and purchases of the company through Data Mining software. Apart from this Wal-Mart has also adopted pioneered satellite system in order to make link between various stores and headquarters. Implementing enterprise resource planning system helps the company in making proper coordination between various departments. Major concerns that Wal-Mart needs to address is identifying the changing taste and preferences of the customers. Another concern for Wal-Mart is managing its profit margin in urban areas (Masters, 2004). Wal-Mart has to adopt consistent pricing strategy in order to maintain its mission statement that is save people money and provide better standard of living. Wal-Mart still needs to spread in several other countries. Wal-Mart also has to work towards managing its huge span of control. References Li, L. (2007). Supply Chain Management. Singapore: World Scientific. Masters, G. (2004). Wal-Mart’s Global Challenge. Retrieved from Ott, E.R., Schilling, E.G. & Neubauer, D.V. (2005). Process Quality Control: Troubleshooting And Interpretation of Data. USA: ASQ Quality Press. Roberts, B. & Berg, N. (2012). Walmart: Key Insights and Practical Lessons from the World’s Largest Retailer. USA: Kogan Page Publishers. Samson, D. & Daft, R.L. (2011). Management. USA: Cengage Learning. Silva, A. (2005). The Ten Commandments of Quality Management: Best Practices to Develop New Leaders And Create a Quality Environment. USA: iUniverse. Wal-Mart (2012). Retrieved from You can get 24×7 Organization Supply Chain Management Assignment Help from our experts. We areblank the most trusted assignment writers and have 15 years experience of providing assignment help to US,UK and Australian students. You can first check our assignment writing services then you can confirm your assignment with us. So hurry up and contact us for original assignment help at