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Microsoft Organizational Resources Assignment Help The function and methods of the management are directly related to the organizational structure that describes how these functions organize management. These functions are closely associated with labor distribution, control, coordination of assignments and information (Baldwin, Wilkinson & Barkley, 2000). For this assignment help paper, Microsoft Corporation is selected to describe its organizing functions of management. It is familiar organization that is famous technology company. It is a largest dealing organization that develops software for a range of computing devices. This paper also helps to relate organizing functions of management with organizational resources of Microsoft.

Microsoft and its Organizing Function As global leader, Microsoft Corporation develops and markets software applications for consumers, personal productivity and small business and enterprise. It has employed about 71,000 professional all over the world. It concentrates on the development, construction, and supplying of a wide range computing machines. Its personal productivity applications are the core competencies of the organization including Microsoft office (Goldsmith & Carter, 2009). In addition, the company has various driving software product portfolio within the industry. So, it has gain continuous growth in the distributed computing environment. The diverse software product portfolio includes business solutions, applications and platforms, software development tools and server based operating system. At the same time, Microsoft Corporation also moved into gaming market by introducing Xbox videogame console and games. Additionally, it already has the line of PC games and PC peripherals. In financial area, it has also invested in several online applications for its own wide-ranging websites. Its online networks are called as Micro-Soft Networks (MSN) that serves various types of services and software. Microsoft also plays a significant role in a function of management that is research and development (Wit & Meyer, 2010). It is because; it spends a lot of money on the research and development of new technology rather than other existing software companies. Investing in the research and development helps the organization to develop new technology that provides competitive advantages from the market.

Microsoft performs several operating functions to provide IT services that are required by the organization. These functions are included planning, delivering and operating the IT service for attaining the goals of IT department. This organization effectively understands the business and operational needs that are required to develop and service a solution for delivering IT service. In addition, it deploys the solution to the application users with a little interruption to the business in the effective manner (Microsoft TechNet, 2012). It is because; these applications have a specified level of services to serve their user. The solutions are operated by the organization with the excellence to deliver a service that is trustable and reliable for business. The organizing functions of management develop an internal structure of Microsoft. These functions are effective to determine that how Microsoft address the interaction of people in various business environments. The management of Microsoft uses organizing activities for allocation of rescores, establishment of expectations, defining responsibilities and making group of employees. These activities are affectively performed by Microsoft that helps to implement plan for achievement of organizational goal (Plunkett, Attner & Allen, 2007). Managers in Microsoft perform several operating functions by using some steps. Firstly, they identify activities that are to be performed. After that, managers separate these activities on the basis of departments and then classify the authority. Finally, the managers create coordination among the authority and responsibility among the various groups. If you need Microsoft case study assignment help then you contact us. As the innovative technology firm, Microsoft depends upon the skills, knowledge and creativity to be a market leader. The human resources are the evident of success with their contribution.

Human Resources and Technology at Microsoft Human resources management is used by Microsoft Corporation to manage its people for reaching at better results. Human resource is an organizational resource that helps to achieve competitive advantages. Human resource planning completes within three steps such as planning, programming and evaluating. Microsoft has received the strategic value for the organizational performance with the help of perfect human resource management. Microsoft has employed approximate 92000 employees in 2011 in more than 25 countries (Microsoft, 2012). All the operational functions are performed by the human resource of the organization. Human resources help to improve the efficiency of Microsoft by performing these functions. Human Resources have played an important role in making it significant organization in the computer industry. Microsoft has optimized human resources, because it has enough employees to achieve the organizational goals. It has constructed a team of 600 employees to supply HR management support in more than 100 countries (Microsoft, 2012). These teams use many global tools and techniques for international subsidiaries of Microsoft. These teams optimized the use of human resource that provides the solutions to the employees and any types of problems of the employees and user. On the other hand, technology is also optimized by Microsoft by making a research and development. Microsoft has developed a technological corporation that is effective for the users due to different qualities and backgrounds.

It has integrated people of different culture to communicate with them. In addition, more than 10000 new websites can be seen per day that comes up with the new technology (Microsoft TechNet, 2012). In the current business environment, technology is a new pace of the organization that is used by Microsoft and has become a market leader. It makes more efforts to fit people for satisfying the demand of technology as well as maximize the technology operations. In addition, Microsoft has reorganized and changed the business structure to compete with the competition. It has changed the business structure into divisional structure and has named as “Vision 2.” It has optimized the use of technology by operating five segments. These segments are included as client, server and tools, online services group, Microsoft business division, and Microsoft entertainment and devices division (Microsoft, 2012). The company has adjusted operating divisions to manage future growth and to execute on its software-based services strategy.

Conclusion In conclusion, Microsoft has optimized its organizational resources that are interrelated to the organizing functions of management. The organizing functions of management are related to the technology and human resources. It is also examined that how Microsoft effectively and efficiently has organized the human resource and technology due to rapid change in the competitive environment. It is also concluded that human resources and technology has been helped Microsoft to be a market leader.

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