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Industry/Organization Organizational Supply Chain Assignment Help Oil & Gas / 3rd Party Engineering Firm  given this informaton, please answer the follwoing: Consider your current workplace. What are some expectations your customers have? How do these expectations affect your organization’s supply chain?

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What actions should your organization take if it fails to meet customer expectations, and how could these actions affect lifetime customer value?   Oil and Gas Industry The Oil Industry is a very important industry in the world and prices of lot of things depend on the price of the oil. It has been observed that whenever the oil prices increase, the price of various products also increases. The Oil Industry consumes large amount of energy for producing oil. In that, Middle East is in the first position and the lowest consumption is done by the countries in Europe (Oil and Gas Industry, 2010). According to the statistics, the amount of oil consumed by the world around 30 billion barrel every year in which nearly 25 percent of the oil consumption is done by United States of America. The demand for Oil is much higher than the actual production. It is important for the oil and Gas industry to meet the customer’s expectations regarding petroleum products. Along with this, customers expect to get these products at low cost with easy convenience (Inkpen & Moffett, 2011). There is fast growing oil consumption in the non- Asian countries that accounts around 40 percent of the total increase in world oil use. It is found that to meet the estimated increase world oil demand, it is required to increase the supply of petroleum products up to 118 million barrels per day in 2030 from 80 million barrels per day as of the year 2003 (Oil and Gas Industry, 2010).


Effect on supply chain Through these customer expectations, supply chain management of oil and gas organization also influenced. It is because organization wants to increase their production and exploration for fulfilling the expectations of customers (Inkpen & Moffett, 2011). In that, organization develops a new production site, increase procurement of raw materials, ensures lowest cost and develops effective logistics to make sure the materials get to the right place, at the right time (The Oil And Gas Industry Supply Chain, 2011). Actions The oil and gas organization should develop new supply chain management in organization to increase their production that helps to meet the customer demand. Along with this, organization should develop effective procurement and logistics departments within operations to reduce the cost of petroleum products (Smith, 2011). These procured materials will be beneficial for the organization in good and bad economics. Economic factors will affect the prices of products, but procurement and logistics helps to maintain an equal price in all situations. Through these actions, organizations can fulfill the expectations of customers, provide them low cost and quality products, so, they become loyal towards the company.     References Inkpen, A. C. & Moffett, M. H. (2011). The Global Oil and Gas Industry: Management, Strategy, and Finance. USA: PennWell Books. Oil and Gas Industry (2010). Retrieved from: Smith, N. J. (2011). The Sea of Lost Opportunity: North Sea Oil and Gas, British Industry and the Offshore Supplies Office. UK: Elsevier. The Oil And Gas Industry Supply Chain (2011). Retrieved from: Now you can avail 24X7 assignment help services of all subjects at


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