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Nature and Importance of Human Values Assignment Help:  As per assignment help experts human values are important to organizations in following ways:  Company Orientation: Human values play a great role in deciding the company orientation for the business. These values also underpin the core purpose of the organization. Furthermore, the values act as the cultural cornerstone for the company. Setting Climate: In an organization, climate plays a vital role in shaping overall organizational growth.

Human values help the organization to set a climate to operate the business in a particular direction. Strategic Base: Core values play a crucial role in setting strategic base for the future marketing decisions. In other words, the core values also guide or help in deciding the ways or methods to led the marketing decisions for the organization. Motivation: Human values also perform the task of motivation for workforce in the organization. Furthermore, they also unify the members of the organization. Leadership: Human values are also helpful in developing leadership for the organization. Direction of Strategy: Direction of strategy is set by human values in the workplace. In other words, it can be stated that core values guide the actions and decisions of the organizations. In addition, human values also assist the organization to develop a new corporate conscience. Strategic Decisions: Human values also play a crucial role in developing strategic decisions in the workplace. Avoid lawsuit: Human values if properly followed by the organizations can also avoid any lawsuit that occurs due to lack of these values.

For example, at Enron, the company faced lawsuit due to committing accounting fraud. This fraud was resulted due to lack of any set core value. Bring Innovation: Human values also bring innovation in the workplace, if the organization is committed to implementing new things in the form of products and services. Quality of Work: Human values also assist the organization to ensure quality of work, if incorporated sincerely and effectively by the management. Operational Excellence: Human values also play a great role in ensuring excellence in terms of operations of the organization.

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