Reflection Paper Assignment Help On Core Values

Reflection paper in which you address the following concepts:

  • Identify your core values.                                                      
  • Describe how people acquire and change values.
  •  Explain what values do for and to us.

Reflection paper Assignment Help Core Values: Core values can be defined as the set of guiding principles. Following are my core values: Integrity: Integrity is my first core value. I believe in maintaining my integrity even in adverse situations. I follow the path of truthfulness irrespective of circumstances. Honesty: Honesty is next core value that is possessed by me. I never adopt the part of dishonesty. I follow honest behavior to make decisions whether they are favorable to my social groups or not. Social Responsibility: I also assume social responsibility towards the society. Before doing any task or activity, I consider the effects of that action on society. In other words, after calculating the effects of my actions I adopt particular path or strategy to attain my objectives. Ethics: I have strong faith in ethics. I follow ethical behavior that is based on moral values and principles. I use to avoid paths or ways that led to unethical practices like dishonesty, cheating etc. Apart from this, I also try to guide people to adopt ethical practices like welfare of others and good things that produce maximum good for others. Accountability: I also have accountability as my core value. As a part of this, I follow accountability in behavior for actions.

Acquisition and Change of Values: Core values are acquired and changed in following ways: Observation: By observing the behavior of others, people acquire core values. Like, among social groups, if one fellow mate is using honesty and integrity to get good outcomes, the other fellow will also try to adopt that particular behavior and change his previous values. Learning: By learning, people acquire and change the values. For example, if one employee is getting positive feedback from client due to his integrity, colleagues will also try to acquire that particular core value and change their previous values. Adapting: By adapting to the organizational culture that consists of specific core values like focus for customer, leadership, diversity, integrity, societal responsibility, people acquire and change their core values.

Role of Values: Values do a lot of things for and to us in following ways: Develop Positive Image: Core values develop a positive image for human beings. They also help us to set a favorable image among the society people that is being valued by the people. For example, if one person is honesty and believes in ethics, he would be respected by each and every person of his social group like friends, relatives, colleague, peers etc. Goal Achievement: Core values also provide base to individuals for achieving the set goals whether they are short term or long term. As a result of this, individuals achieve their goals in time without losing focus. For example, if the goal of one person is to achieve customer satisfaction in a particular month and he is honest, focused over customer-driven excellence etc, the core values will help him to attain the goals timely. Personal and Professional Development: Core values also play a great role for people to ensure their personal and professional development. For example, if the individuals develop and follow honest and integrity based practices, these will help in developing personal skills. Similarly, the use of core values at workplace will also provide scope to the individual to qualify for professional opportunities.

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