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Police Corruption Case Study Assignment Help Introduction Police Corruption is the universal problem that has created challenges for many countries all over the world. Every country has adopted various protective actions in order to overcome with the problems of police corruption, brutality and misconduct. In this case study assignment help paper, description of police corruption, brutality and misconduct has been analyzed. Along with this, various case in USA related to these problem has been discussed.

Police Corruption Police corruption has a complicated and long history in United States. Police corruption may be either organizational or individual in nature. Basically it occurs, when police officers attempt to the violations of ethical standards. Police corruption is the phenomena in which, police officers acts in a manner that places their personal gain, resulting from the violation of police procedures and criminal law. In addition to this, corruption in police can be analyzed in terms of several dimensions such as violation of norms, extent of peer group support and police department reaction (Harris, 2011). Majorly police corruption includes three elements such as activities forbidden by law, rules, regulations and ethical standards, misuse of officer position and involves some actual or expected material reward. It has been analyzed that it is difficult for the individuals to analyze the proportion of police officers directly involved in the police corruption. For example, Cops and Robbers Police with convictions for theft, assault and dishonesty and they are allowed to stay with their jobs. Police officers have been found with weapons offenses, fraud, violent assaults and theft were allowed to stay with their positions. It has been identified that most of these crimes were occurred, when the officers were on duty. Further, they believe that they will erode the public confidence and will not be given any credibility in the courts. Another case that has been found in USA was Topeka Police Corruption (Police Misconduct, 2010). In this case, two officers were accused of stealing thousands of dollars in order to undercover drug buyers. Many officers support the criminals in order to obtain extra benefits for their personal gains. Such type of activities has led to the emergence of various illegal activities in US. It has been analyzed that most of the police officers are not directly involved in corruption activities.

Police Brutality Police brutality is the use of excessive force in terms of physical and verbal attacks and psychological intimidation by the police officer. Brutality exists in many countries and can be described as the police officer beating to the civilian. Police brutality can be in the forms of police misconduct, racial profiling, political repression and surveillance abuse. All these activities affect the behavior of individuals and give harm to the society. It has been analyzed that large scale incidents for brutality were majorly belongs to the labor strikes. Further, major victims of police brutality are the disabled people, minorities, poor and young people (Paloolian, 2007). Any practice that degrades the status, annoying, harassing, restricting the freedom of public and use of physical force will come under the police brutality. Members in minority groups report that psychological and emotional abuse is a routine part of encounters with the police. Most of the young black and Hispanic men are complaint for the harassment and disrespectful treatment with them by the police officers. These men have described the verbal abuse by police officers. Police officers believed that some kind of brutality is necessary for their survival on the streets and maintaining some degree of order and crime control. For example, Oscar Grant was shot dead by police officer Johannes Mehserle in 2009 in Oakland. Police officer has arrested and handcuffed Grant and other people in subway station. In this situation, Grant was unarmed and lying on the ground and Mehserle had shot him in the back (Harris, 2011). Another case of police brutality found in USA was murder of Rogelio Serrato by the police officer in the year 2011. Therefore, police brutality is treated as the violence used by police officers in order to achieve the politically desirable ends (Roberts, 2011).

Police Misconduct Police misconduct is the inappropriate behavior that has been taken by police officers in connection with official duties. Police misconduct involves the activities such as miscarriage of justice and discrimination among the people in society. Police misconduct includes the activities such as falsified evidence, false imprisonment, false arrest and false confession. All these activities affect the behavior of people in the society. It has been analyzed that police officers have broad powers to carry out their duties but sometimes these officers’ violets the rights of citizens. US have made civil right laws, which protect citizens from abuses by government including the police misconduct.

Therefore, it has been analyzed that various acts of police misconduct creates an aura of suspicion, mistrust and uncertainty between the police and people in the society (Bayley & Perito, 2011). For example, officers in USA were charged in Newark police corruption case. In this case, officers were charged for the sale of narcotics and shaking down drug dealers for money and drugs. Such type of police misconduct has generated mistrust among the people in the society. In this case, police officers charge extra money from these people in order to perform illegal practices. Through such type of activities police officers gain extra benefits apart from their salaries. In the other case, Chicago Police Department is not doing enough in order to stop the corruption in the country in the year of 2006. It has been analyzed that Chicago officials were accused of a practice of indifference to corruption. These officers are not adopting any actions in order to protect the interest of the society. Therefore, US have been facing various issues related to police corruption, misconduct and brutality (Police Misconduct, 2010).

Conclusion From the above discussion of police corruption case study assignment help , it has been concluded that police corruption, misconduct and brutality has created problems for the people in USA. Police corruption has the intricate and extensive history in USA. Misconduct has included the activities such as false imprisonment and false arrest. Police brutality is the excessive force in terms of verbal and physical attacks.

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