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Project Management is the best method of implementing change. Change occurs continuously in the world and in the business organizations. A new piece of legislation, market imperatives, Management Assignment Help and new technologies create changes that should be managed with the help of project management approaches. Project management is a methodology that brings various benefits to the organization through managing change. It would ensure that limited resources are used in right project and organized complex change in an easy manner. It would help to assess risks, define goals and key success areas and setting quality objectives. Project quality management would help to ensure the

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 quality of the food products of the company. This project involves new ideas and learning that includes a discipline to manage the new and unusual change in the organization. For effective change management, a communication plan is important to communicate new ideas, structure, and strategies to employees (Wysocki, 2011). Changes would be managed through the development and implementation life cycle to prevent errors and reduce downtime. Escalation procedures would be used to manage change and control the changes that effect the overall operational environment of the organization (Love, 2012). In this project, communication plan, training, and development plan, resistance management, data collection and feedback analysis regarding changes would be used to measure the success of the changes and implement changes successfully.

The Expected Return of an investment is the average of a probability distribution of possible returns for the investment. Investors do not know the certainty of rate of return for their investments; they can base their decisions on their expectations by assigning a level of probability and expected returns (Mayo, 2010). Return on investment is the most important calculation to ensure the long-term viability of the business. It is not enough to build a profit margin on the products that are being offered. For this project and changes in operations, it is important that return on investment is increased (Jones, 2009). At the same time, it is necessary that this project will provide the greater return on investment for attracting new investors and giving them greater returns on their investment. Expected return on investment is calculated with the help of weighted average and probability. For example, an investment opportunity has a 60% probability of a 10% return, a 20% probability of 8% return; and a 10% probability of a 12% return. In this case, the formula can be written as: Expected Return = (.60)(.10) + (.20)(.8) + (.10)(.12) = 8.8% Economics Assignment Help tells the expected return on investment for this project is calculated that is helpful to take decisions regarding the selection and rejection of project and operational changes (Jones, 2009). If the expected return is higher than the current ROI. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at