Railway Labor Act FedEx-UPS Debate Assignment Help

Labor Act Assignment Help Issues in the Railway Labor Act FedEx-UPS Debate Our business assignment help says that, there are some issues identified related to railway labor act FedEx-UPS debate. Reauthorization bills Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)is the issue that was generated due to wrong treatment of the employees. With this issue, the employees of FedEx were treated with the National Labor Relations Act in place of the Railway Labor Act. This issue is generated in Mexico in the debate of FedEx and UPS, where both companies had a face to face debate to talk about this issue.

As an airline company, FedEx had preserved that its employees must be covered under the railway labor act that covers both railways and roadway (Sivaraman, 2009). At the same time, FedEx had also taken this issue at local level instead of a countrywide vote by making a provision against this issue. On the other hand, UPS had argued in the debate that the employees of FedEx should be governed with Railway Labor Act, because they fall under the NLRA. Along with this, union representation was another issue that determined in the debate of FedEx and UPS. UPS spokesperson Malcolm Berkeley said that FedEx drivers do not have union representation, but UPS drivers are represented by Teamsters.


This issue was originated because UPS said that fact of matter is the packages that are not rendered by airplanes, but by drivers and vehicles. It also said that the law for drivers and vehicles are different from the law for airplane in each country. Thus, the employees of FedEx are covered under the National Labor Relations Act (Frates, 2010). In addition, FedEx also raised an issue against the provision and stated that totally express-delivery workers excluding pilots and mechanics would be affected, if this provision/proposal passes. I would work with UPS rather than FedEx because it wants to pass an anti-competitive provision to solve labor problems.


References: Frates, C. (2010). Ups, FedEx Worlds Apart on Labor Law. Retrieved from: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0610/39079.html Sivaraman, A. (2009). FedEx, UPS Clash Over Bill on FedEx Labor Rules. Retrieved from: http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/10/28/us-parcel-debate-idUSTRE59R03E20091028


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