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SWOT analysis can be a useful tool in evaluating and monitoring equity investments. It is best used by investors as a way

of crystallizing and quantifying the thought process that goes into an investment decision. This assignment help paper analyzes the Apple Company’s SWOT analysis that can be useful to take investment decision for the investors in this Company. This paper also discusses about wants and needs of the stakeholders of Apple and commitment of this company to fulfill them. Through this paper, the researcher also suggests some ideas to the Company for fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders.

SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc.


  • Strong brand image
  • Product Development, Design and Utility
  • Robust financial performance with high stock price
  • Focus on research & development
  • High quality products

  • Product recalls
  • Patent infringement
  • Dependency on global community

  • Growth in Smart phone & Tablet market
  • New retail stores
  • Market gap
  • Untapped areas of technology world

  • Intense competition
  • Uncertain global economic conditions
  • Dependence on specific suppliers
  • Highly priced products

The Company’s strong brand enables it to command a premium pricing and creates significant demand for its products. The strong brand image gives the company an edge over regional and global competitors. Apple’s stock price is the highest in the personal computer industry. As investment point of view, it shows strong financial performance in terms of sales, cash flows, net income, low debt and high returns. Analysts expect that earnings per share of this company will rise to 30% in the 2012 year. The Company believes that its stock price reflects high future growth and profitability expectations. Weaknesses include Apple’s relative softness in the business market. Most of its products are bought by everyday consumers and aren’t widely used by businesses.

This company was more dependent on Steve Jobs for his personality, vision, negotiating prowess and relationship skills but new CEO of this Company, Tim Cook is performing very well to carry this company at a high position. That market cap is an opportunity for Apple, too. Product line extensions and new content distribution systems can create more opportunities for this Company for International growth and expansion. Threats can be possible for this company because there are very large competitors with good reputations and extensive resources in the global market. It provides very expensive products that make it unable to attract more diverse customer base. It has inability to continue marketing success for a broader range of products for mainstream customers. The most relevant portions of the SWOT analysis is to make an investment decision are that Apple has a plethora of opportunities. The company also has unlimited future of possibilities. Based on SWOT analysis of Apple, this Company has more opportunities in the future that support the decision of investors to invest in this company.

As stated in the SWOT analysis, the company is very stable, has a healthy market shares and pushes out products of very high quality. Apple is financed mostly by its equity. In fact Apple does not have any debt, so investors would bear less risk by holding Apple’s stocks. The Company has a very strong customer base, a group of devoted loyal followers that are essential to the longevity of any business. Even though the stock price is high right now, the SWOT analysis indicates that it can be sustained and even move in the positive direction. The Company is loaded with extra cash that is ready to acquire any firm that could help enhance the value of the Company. Investors want to invest in ventures, where returns are high and businesses need funding that will not eat into their profits. We also provide Apple case study assignment help to our students.

Apple stakeholders are customers, stockholders, bankers, suppliers, distributors, employees, competitors, government and environmentalist. The Bankers or financiers want a decent and steady return on their loans. This company is able to pay a steady return on loan to the financiers because of the strong financial condition. The stockholders also want steady and growing annual returns on their investments. Apple is paying more return due to its sound financial position in the global market. The customers basically want reliable quality products at very reasonable prices. The Company offers basic limited parts and labor warranty on its hardware products. It provides very innovative and advanced products to its customers all over the world Sutherland.

The Apple suppliers want and need a continuous stream of orders from Apple to make profits and grow their businesses. The Company remains subject to significant risks of supply shortages and price increases that can materially adversely affect its financial condition and operating results. Distributors expect a continuous supply of products at right time according to demand at low cost. Company should give emphasis on its supply chain management that will bring more stability in its supply structure and try to seek more alternatives. The government wants the Company to follow all the rules and regulations related to the business. The Company is subject to federal, state and international laws relating to the collection, use, retention and security. Environmentalists want the company to follow pollution-free production system. The company has been accused that the company’s products are degrading the environment and poisoning workers.

It is working on green electronics that includes company’s plans for removing many harmful chemicals from its products and increasing recycling. It should focus on its working environment and check the environmental violations. Laws regulating competition and trade practices are the essential part of Apple policy that makes it fair in competition. From the above discussion by SWOT assignment help experts, it can be concluded that Apple has established its brand image in mind of customers that gives it higher share market than its competitors. Company is trying to fulfill the needs and wants of its both shareholders but there is need to focus on some areas to improve the relationship with its shareholders. Company has the opportunities to expand its business in the other countries of the world. On the basis of SWOT analysis, it can be a good option for the investment to gain more return to the investors.

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