Research Paper on Issue of Identity Se Habla Espanol

Research Paper on Issue of Identity Se Habla Espanol Issue of Identity Se Habla Espanol In the given case, Tanya Barrientos presents the discussion about the impact of culture shifting on identity due to changes in language and culture. The issue of identity Se Habla Espanol with Barrientos occurred due to migration of her family from Mexico to United States.

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She was born in Guatemalan, but living in the United States from the age of 3. In United States, she failed to identify her native culture or original nationality due to cross border line personalities as well as cultural shifting. As an adult, Barrientos faces problems to accept her Latino identity. It is because; she was brought to the United States in childhood by her presents that changed her personality due to influence of American culture (Barrientos). Along with this, Barrientos did not seem like a Mexican girl in her adult age due to her inability to speak Spanish language and different personality. These factors created barriers in front of Barrientos to regain her native identity or original culture. The issue of identity is an important concern for Barrientos, because it directly affects her whole life in terms of impact on nationality and citizen of America. It is because; due to decision of her parents, she incorporated herself in American culture in terms of writing and speaking English as well as fit into Anglo-American society effectively. The incorporation with new culture impacts negatively on original culture of people due to rise in involvement in new society and culture (Mantero, 2007). At the same time, the issue of identity motivated her to know about Mexican culture in order to identify her real nationality. According to the case, she went to Mexico City to know about Mexican music, architecture, traditions and culture to determine her native identity. The issue of identity Se Habla Espanol shows her feelings to become a part of Latino community because she wanted to call herself as Latina. Along with this, it can help Barrientos to deal with anything in future especially related to her nationality (Barrientos). Overall, it is found that when she returned to her birth place, then first time the issue of identity raised in-front of her. It is because that time, she understood about her original culture, language, values, beliefs and traditions.


Explanation about Her Problem Personal or Societal On the basis of the given case study, it is observed that the issue of accepting her Latino identity is a personal problem of Tanya Barrientos. It is because; she failed to identify and accept her native culture due to her changing attitude and personality as an American. Additionally, she had spent majority of her life in American culture and did not give any interest to learn Spanish as well as know about Mexican culture in adult age that are the potential reason of arising issue of identity (Barrientos). Along with this, the relationship of Barrientos with her family was built in English not in Spanish that created problem in front of her to learn about Mexican or Latina culture. From the case study help assignment help, it is also found that she joined a three months submersion program in Mexico to learn Spanish language and know about her native culture, but she failed to feel like a genuine Latinos. It is because; the childhood experiences of Barrientos were different from the Latinos people due to absence of quinceañera, abuelita teaching to cook tamales, radio in the house of playing rancheros. These factors depict that the issues of identity is her personal problem not societal (Mantero, 2007).


References Barrientos, T. (n.d.). Se Habla Espanol Case. Mantero, M. (2007). Identity and Second Language Learning: Culture, Inquiry, and Dialogic Activity in Educational Contexts. USA: IAP. Get first class assignment help of all subjects. Our case study business assignment help would be original and free from plagiarism. You can avail any time business assignment help from our experts.