Segmentation, Positioning and Branding Strategies Assignment Help

Segmentation, Positioning and Branding Strategies Assignment Help The segmentation, positioning and branding strategies are important things of the marketing that are essential to implement in the organization. These strategies are required due to disparity in the needs of the consumers that may reject and select the offers. Penney will appeal to very few consumers, who are price and promotion conscious. For example, people focus on the tradition of campaigning regular deep-discount promotions. This pricing strategy will not appeal to deal-seeking consumers. In addition, this strategy will not affect its current consumers that already used to purchase the products. Thus, it will only focus on the consumer segment and not other segment. At the same time, Penney will position about the products in its consumers mind by providing effective services and facilities to the consumers. It can create position of products, because it provides less pricing products that enhances purchasing power of the consumers. Consumers can buy more products with the same amount. In addition, it can also create position through providing quality products that increases satisfaction level of the consumers. It will also increase trust of the consumers on the products that is sold by the organization. In addition, it can also create position through delivering products on time that are ordered by the consumers by online or by phone. Apart from this, it will also appeal to a diverse consumer base by involving its value system and brand identity. Its branding strategy will be implemented through brand ambassador (Martha Stewart) and its spokesperson. These will effectively implement the branding strategy and will help to be favorite store of America. Get 100% Original Marketing assignment help of all subjects. You can get 24X7 assignment at USA/Canada Toll Free Phone: 001-877-839-9989Australia Phone Number: +61-3-9088-1335 USA/Canada Toll Free Fax: 001-877-839-9989E-mail: