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Risk Management Assignment Help Liability of Company for Looses due to Outside Attack on AIS

From last some decades, the business world has changes quite dramatically due to advancements in technology and business operations.  The use of internet in most of the business processes is increasing continuously among the businesses to store the important information for accounting, customers, business processes etc. Companies are also using different types of security programs to protect their information (Gelinas, Dull & Wheeler, 2011). But sometimes, due to lack of appropriate security programs, incidents of attack on computers and company network happen. The appropriate application and continuous monitoring of the security program is the responsibility of management in an organization as most of the decisions for security program and information storage are taken by them.

So our project risk management assignment help services experts says that management should be held liable for the losses sustained in a successful attack made on AIS from outside sources. It is because management is responsible to run the business operations smoothly along with the task of information security. Information security is quite important for an organization and it is required to be managed at higher level. It is also the responsibility of management to determine which information will be protected and at what extent (Newman, 2009). So, if any attack occurs within the organizations’ AIS and a loss occur then it is the responsibility of management.

But at the same time, it could also be mentioned that if the information security system is significant within the organization and then a threat occurs then it should not be the responsibility of management.  But if the information security is weak and not properly managed then management should be held liable for looses as it is the responsibility of them to protect all the data, which they receive, process and report within the organization (Herrero & Corchado, 2011). There are various elements, which threaten the accounting information in an organization and their ignorance many affect the relevance and reliability of these information among the users.

To protect the accounting data, it is the responsibility of management to facilitate effective security controls in data collection and recording process, so that valid, complete and material free data could be obtained (Newman, 2009). At the same time, it is also the responsibility of management to have proper back-up of all accounting information. If back-up of information is not managed then loss of data can be there, which will affect the organization and interest of stakeholders. The successful attack on AIS by outside sources may damage the reputation and the competitive image of the firm. So, it is the responsibility of management to receive, store and report the data in a proper way by taking their back-up, so that organizational competitiveness and reputation could be maintained. Another reason why the management should be held responsible for a loss due to attack on AIS from outside sources is that management takes the decision to establish an AIS risks do not lie in the AIS and its establishment (Gelinas, Dull & Wheeler, 2011).

The management of a firm is required to identify and analyze all the potential risks and their possible impact over the firm before taking the decision of establishing and AIS system and security control. It is because most of the associated losses, due to attack on AIS by outside resources, occur because of lack of proper analysis of the costs and benefits and risks associated with the establishment of an AIS (Kim, Adeli, Robles & Balitanas, 2012). The analysis and identification of all risks and possible impacts would be effective for the firms to protect their assets by making appropriate decision for the establishment of AIS. So, if any loss incurs due to attack from outside sources on AIS then it is the responsibility of management as people in management are not analyzed all risks and not worked properly to eliminate those risks (Herrero & Corchado, 2011).

At the same time, it is the responsibility of management to establish security controls, while collecting the data from external sources. It is because lack of security controls can allow hackers to access the data without any authorization. So, from the above discussion, it could be said by our business assignment help experts that management in an organization is completely responsible to take the final decisions over the establishment of AIS and security controls in data collection, recording and reporting process. It is because this data includes the personal information, account information, which could be used by hackers for their personal benefits and can cause a situation of loss for the organization (Gorodetski, Skormin & Popyack, 2001). So, if loss occur due to improper security system then the management should be held responsible for it.

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