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Risk Management Plan Assignment Help: In an organization, the incident response team is responsible to provide a quick and effective response to computer

related incidents such as hacker attempts, virus infections, breach of personal identity, system interruption and break-ins. Computer security and incident response issues are handled by the incident response team to follow the several components or steps. Our business assignment help experts stated that It can follow various components such as reporting, discovering, responding, investing, recovery and follow-up of a comprehensive change to incident response plan within an organization:

Reporting or Discovery: Incident response team member ensures that organizations’ information systems are appropriately updated. All incidents should be classified as high, medium or low risk that helps to take appropriate actions, while incidents occurred. Classification of each incident is based on its impact on organization business, services and cost. In this step, response team members should identify the incident those affect organization’s network and should report the management of organization. It should analyze the risk level of incidents to discover its impact on business. Without the proper identification of incidents and risk level, response team cannot take effective action to eliminate them.

Response: After finding and reporting incidents, the response team member should notify them. Response team is responsible for the initial investigation to determine an incident. It can use several steps to classify the incidents and facilitate solution for stopping an incident such as log files, system file tampering, unauthorized services, password file changes, privileged programs, etc. These solutions include blocking the IP address from where the problem is generated, removing the system from network and may be shutting down the whole system. Response team prepares a list of dependent on the server and the people who will be needed to notify for a downtime. If the compromised system needs to be shut down or removed from the network then users dependent on this system need to be aware of it. Due to the multiple solutions available of incident, response team can decide, which method is appropriate to follow. It must realize that decision cannot affect other corporate systems and customers.

Investigation: Organization’s decision related to perform a forensic investigation depends on the level of incidents and its impact on business. A forensic investigation will allow the organization to find out the hacker or attacker and the lacking in organizational systems or networks. A forensic investigation can be beneficial for organization to identify the stage in which the malicious activity has occurred and to realize the incurred damage. Organization should provide accurate information or data to forensic export, so they can provide accurate result from such investigation. Forensic investigation identifies the sources of attack and methods of information disclosure that can be beneficial for organization to take action and protect the system for future. Result of investigations can help organization to prepare the systems and applications for prevention of network and data from attack.

Recovery: In this component, organization recovers network services or systems after an attack. After collecting all the information of incident, organization can now turn to restoring its network. The main purpose of the incident response plan is to ensure an efficient recovery through the reinstatement of repaired system. Recovery component includes ensuring the attacker’s point and restoring all the system to protect the organization data or information from hackers. Recovery plan should document and test before hand, so that actual recovery times could be minimized. If any system has been breached then the best or secure option is to reinstall the operating system from a copy of the installation software. Reinstallation ensures that all data or information is free from unauthorized system back-up. This process is beneficial for organization, if they are not aware from the affected system.

Follow-up: It is essential for an organization to learn from incidents that happen. It will be beneficial for them to reduce the incident from reoccurring. Incidents must be recorded and reported appropriately. In addition, training and awareness program should be also developed by organization to ensure that all members are aware from security incidents and able to handle the situation. So, organization can use reporting, response, investigation, recovery and follow-up components for a comprehensive change to incident response plan.

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