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MIS and Organizational Structure Assignment Help: As per management assignment help experts, MIS is appropriate for the organization because it makes the flow of information easy within an organization from bottom to up hierarchy and vice versa. In MIS, three primary resources like people, technology and information are involved that are used by all level of managers to analyze the operational activities in organization. So, it reduces the need of dependency on different people for similar working activities .


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MIS contains all valuable and important informational data that could be helpful for the strategy maker to make further and improved strategy-making process, so it reduces the activities and involvement of first line managers. The “tall” management structure is not effective in current business environment because of changing nature of external and internal environment. In tall management structure, the flow of information could be effective with the use of different techniques, but the decision making process will take much time due to involvement of different people at different levels. MIS ensures that an appropriate data is available against problems by the use of technology for effective decision making and decision could come within time with accuracy without involvement of external operational managers.


MIS is effective in tracking and monitoring to employees with the help of different electronic instruments that could reduce the working of different functional managers. So, the use of MIS in organization effectively reduces the structure of an organization. You can get MIS and Organizational Structure Assignment Help from assignmenthelpexperts.com You will get complete and original assignment help services from our experts.