Marketing Plan Assignment Help For Motor Scooters

Marketing plan Assignment Help:

Marketing plan is a written document that includes overall business plan and marketing actions for the next 3 to 5 years. There is a marketing plan for a motor scooter company. In this plan, objectives of the plan, marketing mix and target market will be discussed by our experienced assignment helper. This marketing plan has main aim to increase sales and promote this product in new market.

Objectives of the marketing plan Following are objectives of this marketing plan:

  • To develop a strong customer base among college students and youths
  • To increase the sales of scooters up to 15%.
  • To identify correct target market, decide appropriate pricing strategies, selecting best promotional tool, increasing interest of customers towards this product is another objective of this plan

Market analysis: Market analysis is an important part of marketing plan that includes several things such as customer, competitors, company and environmental analysis. For effective marketing plan, managers should align the objectives of the company with objectives of this plan and evaluate the vision, mission, strengths and weaknesses of the company . Along with this our assignment helper says that, competitor analysis will provide information related to competitors and their strategies. This company will face tough competition from Honda, LML, Suzuki and other motor scooter companies. This company will analyze internal and external environment with help of SWOT and PESTAL analysis.

Target market: Identification of target market is important to develop strategies according to the requirements and needs of customers. For motor scooter, company will target young generation and college students Along with this, company will target teenage girls, women and upper age group people for without gear scooters. For example, Honda targets all people for its product “Activa”.

Proposed marketing mix: Marketing mix is important component of the marketing plan. With the help of this, Motor Scooter Company can develop effective product, price, place and promotion mix. Following is the marketing mix of this company:

Product mix: The Company will provide electric scooters with gears and no-gears that will be easy to start and handle for girls, aged people and women also. Along with this, it will provide alternate fuel scooter that can solve the issue of limited fuel resources. The federal government is offering a 10% tax credit on electrically powered motorcycles. Additionally, it will provide light weight, attractive design, comfortable seat, various colors and extra wheel in its scooters for customers. The company will offer a range of scoters according to capacity of engine and mileage. For example, Activa and Access are good models of scooters.

Price mix: After developing product mix, price strategy will be developed by marketing manager of the company. The company will follow low price business model to enter in competitive market. To maintain this low price, company will take number of steps such as effective transportation strategies, supply chain management, selection of location, direct contacts with suppliers and distributors that reduce unnecessary costs. This low price strategy will be helpful to capture the market and increase customer base. For example, Wal-Mart is famous for its low cost strategy.

Place mix: In place strategy, company will select appropriate outlets and distributors for selling its motor scooters. Company will decide proper distribution channel to offer its scooters for potential customers. Along with this, distribution centers, warehouse system, inventory handling system and transportation system will help to reach their customer. For example, Wal-Mart and Tesco has effective transportation and supply chain management.

Promotion mix: In promotion mix, company will select appropriate tools to promote the products for their customers in global market. Company will use suitable promotional tools such as advertising, personnel selling, sponsorship, exhibition and sales promotion to attract their customers. This company will use young generation and brand ambassadors to promote their product and attract target market. For example, various companies use popular athletes and actors in their advertising such as David Backhem, Jet li, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio who is brand ambassador for International watch brand TAG Heuer.  

On the basis of above discussion by marketing assignment help experts, it can be concluded that through this marketing plan, company can analyze the market and launch their product successfully. It can develop effective and comparative product, price, place and promotion strategies that help to gain success. If you looking for marketing assignment help experts then you can send us your assignment. Our marketing writers ensure you that you will get excellent quality assignment help services without failure deadline with good number of article references.