Information Systems in Organization Assignment Help

Information Systems in Organization Assignment Help: Information systems are the origin of understanding and intelligence with the help of technology that is required by managers to make the right decisions. As per information technology assignment help experts, Followings are those factors that help to determine about the usefulness of information for managers in specific business situations.


Quality: Information quality plays an important role in each function of organization that helps the managers to integrate required data from autonomous sources. Quality in the context of information system refers to the aspects of process improvement, which effectively helps the managers for taking effective operational decisions in business operations. For example, in Microsoft, the quality information is worthy of all level of managers because of a greater level of accuracy and transparency. The quality information provides reliable data to managers that could be used to fulfill the requirements of managers with regard to completeness, usefulness, and intelligibility in making services for software.


Timeline: Information should be provided timely as after a particular time, it would not be effective for managers in their decisions. Due to today’s rapidly changing environment in computer industry, timely availability of information could be helpful for Microsoft managers to plan policy for eliminating the impact of external changes within time otherwise it could be harmful for organization.


Completeness: The complete information facilitates organizational managers to execute and control their operations with the proper use of related information that they need to know for exercising control, achieving coordination, and making an effective decision (McPhee, 2010). It is the ratio of information amount and total information of real world that would be effective for managers to better understand about business environment and to make a strategy for facing global competitions. For Microsoft, the completeness of information is valuable in developing new software because it provides all information about the deficiencies in its previous software on the basis of users’ query.


Relevant: The information should be relevant to meet the particular needs and circumstances. Any irrelevant information could be useless and mislead the performance of managers in the decision-making process. In the context of Microsoft, the relevant information helps the organization to better know about the actual problems of customers related to computers and how it could be solved.


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