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Models of International Marketing: In ethnocentric model, overseas operations are viewed as secondary to domestic operations and primarily as a means to dispose of surplus production. This is useful for export marketing and marketing persons are related to home country.


Prices, distribution and production are same as home country. In geocentric model, company views the entire world as a potential market through ignoring national boundaries. In this model, pricing, distribution, promotional policies are developed according to the region. On the other hand in polycentric model, subsidiaries are established in overseas market. They operate their business as an independent identity that have own marketing objectives and plans.

Influence of One Model on Another: These three models are different to each other in terms of characteristics. If company selects ethnocentric model then marketing mix strategies will be followed as same as home country. At the same time, in geocentric model, marketing mix strategies are developed worldwide to project as uniform image for the company. On the other hand, polycentric model established its subsidiaries in each country and developed marketing strategies according to the host country.

Impact of Cultural Differences: Every nation has its own culture and it is difficult for organizations to adopt and adjust with different culture. If company wants to develop a uniform strategy for their products then it will select ethnocentric and geocentric model and vice-versa.

Selection of Model: For the success of project, ethnocentric model will select as a primary approach because of no need to develop different marketing strategies and profits through their surplus production

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