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Sales and Marketing Assignment Help Sale is the activity, which involves transferring of the ownership of the product to the customer and delivering the service to the final consumer (Kotler, 2002). Marketing is in fact a primeval art. It has been in practice in one form or the other since the days of Adam and  In the present world, marketing is the most vital function in the business world. It is community processes where the consumer wants and needs are disseminated according to the different product/service qualities they require for final consumption (Kotler, Rackham & Krishnaswamy, 2006). The marketers focus at creating awareness among the perspective as well as the existing customers.

Relationship between Sales and Marketing The functions of selling and marketing are similar from the prospective that both of them are undertaken to enhance the total revenue of the organization (Meunier-FitzHugh & Piercy, 2010). As both the functions propel each other, they are similar and interrelated to each other on many occasions. Good sales result from good marketing and enhanced sales ensure enhanced marketing mechanism. The resources to run a successful marketing campaign would not be enough if the sales are not implemented properly (Kotler, 2002). As per assignment help experts of marketing case study says that this will finally lead to the hindrance in the sales activity, thus indicating the interrelation between them. The marketing and sales plans also show many similarities. Going through these plans, one can easily make out how closely these functions are related (Kotler, Rackham & Krishnaswamy, 2006).

The role of sales in the economic environment is also very much important. Sales increase the profitability, which ultimately gives a positive impact on the economy. Higher sales mean higher revenue and profitability, which increases demands and supply and the economic conditions of the country, also gets higher (Meunier-FitzHugh & Piercy, 2010). Although both marketing and sales are interrelated with each other but sales is a narrow term in comparison to marketing. Marketing is much more dynamic than the sales (Kotler, 2002). Selling starts with the existing product of the organization and views business as a task of somehow promoting these products.  Good economic environment and higher GDP is directly proportional to sales. Selling seeks to gain profit by forcefully pushing the products on the buyers. Marketing also, seeks to earn profit, but through aggressive pushing of products, but by meeting the needs of customers and by creating value satisfaction for them (Kotler, Rackham & Krishnaswamy, 2006).

In selling, the cost of the product or service determines the price of the price while in marketing; it is the consumer who determines the price. Thus, both have an important position in organization as well as economy of nation.  There are many factors that influence the relationship between sales and marketing such as effective communication, marketing system, collaboration between different levels of management, CRM process, etc. (Meunier-FitzHugh & Piercy, 2010). Although sales and marketing are interrelated with each other but both have some differences also. The fundamental difference between the two is that selling revolves round the needs and interest of seller while the marketing revolves around the needs and interests of the buyer. Effective communication process allows the firm to promote the product, which attract the customers and influence their behavior to buy the product (Kotler, 2002). Collaboration between sales and marketing can be created through effective management and communication process. Sales is to view business as a goods producing process and the marketing function views business as a customer satisfying process (Meunier-FitzHugh & Piercy, 2010). Thus, it can be said that both the functions are important for the success of business firm as well as global economic environment. You can contact us 24X7 for marketing assignment help. References Kotler, P. (2002). Marketing Management (11th  Edition). New York, USA: Prentice Hall Pvt. Ltd. Kotler, P., Rackham, N. & Krishnaswamy, S. (2006, July 1). Ending the War between Sales and Marketing. Harvard Business Review. Meunier-FitzHugh, K.L. & Piercy, N.F. (2010). Improving the relationship between sales and marketing, European Business Review, 22(3): 287-305.