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of  the following three situations. Choose 2 elements of thought and 2 intellectual standards and describe for each scenario.


Option A: You are deployed in a country. A raid went wrong, and your squad opened fire on several innocent people. Your commander asks you and the rest of the squad to make it look like they opened fire up on you first. How would you respond?


Option B: As a police officer, you pull someone over. After searching their vehicle, you confiscate several ounces of marijuana. The computer system is down so you cannot chronicle this bust. Your partner tells you that his wife is sick and he could really use that marijuana at home for medicinal purposes to help her with her pain. How would you respond to your partner?


Option C: As a parent, your child has a first year teacher who gives ridiculously hard assignments. Your kid has a four year scholarship waiting for him if he can pass this last course – even with a C. The last assignment is an assignment that you did your graduate work on – so you know there’s no way a high schooler should be expected to do this assignment – but if your child fails this assignment, they would lose a four year scholarship. Do you actively help them complete the assignment – or let them do it themselves – knowing they can’t do the assignment themselves and the assignment is likely to be poor because it was an inappropriately assigned paper. You can also get critical thinking case study assignment help services from our experts.  


Situation Analysis Case Study Assignment HelpElements of Thoughts and Standards for Each Scenario


Option A: As per this situation, the commander is asking to present a false situation whereas mistake was of my squad. In the raid, the squad opened fire on several innocent people and then were asked to make it look like they opened fire up on us first. I would try to describe the whole situation to the commander and make his understand that mistake was our squad instead of that innocent people. As per this situation, the two elements of thoughts and intellectual standards are as follows:


Elements of Thoughts:  Purpose: The purpose of commander is to defend the squad from being charged for opening fire on innocent people instead of their mistake. He wants the squad to lie about the whole situation and present it as if it was people mistake and first they opened fire (Online Model for learning the Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking, 2007). Question at issue: The question embedded in the scenario is “Is it not wrong for squad to present the whole situation falsely? “ Are squad should present the situation incorrectly or not? Being a part of squad, is it ok to present the situation incorrectly and blame innocent people?


Elements of Intellectual Standards: Clarity: The meaning of thinking presented in scenario 1 is easily understandable and grasped by any one. So, the thinking presented is easily understandable and could be elaborated further. Accuracy: The thinking presented is not free from errors as the beginning line and then the thinking presented is not so related and understandable. The sentence framing or sequence is not so effective although it is grammatically correct.


Option B: The situation discussed here, is little bit confusing for me as nothing is so clear here. With the reading, what I understood is there are two persons among which one is police officer that is me and another one is looking for his vehicle. I being a Police officer helps him in searching his vehicle and in exchange asks for ounces of marijuana as due to computer system is down he is not able to get it. Then, the partner says that his wife is sick and could really use the marijuana at home for medical purposes to help her with her pain. With the description of his problem, I would say it is ok and would allow him to use marijuana. For developing a better understanding of this situation it need to be analyzed in terms of two thoughts elements and 2 intellectual standards elements that are as follows:


Elements of Thoughts: Purpose: The purpose of the situation is clear that both people involved want marijuana but the need of partner is more genuine and could his wife with her pain. So, the purpose discussed in this thinking is clear and could be understood by any one. Information: The information given or provided in the scenarios is sufficient to understand who really need marijuana and who should use it. With the scenario it is evident that, the partner of police officer really need it due to the health issues of his wife and facts how he could use marijuana for helping his wife in her pain. Although, it is difficult for police officer, to know that the information provided by partner is correct or not and respond accordingly (Online Model for learning the Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking, 2007).


Elements of Intellectual Standards: Precision: The thinking presented is not so exact to reach at the necessary level of detail. It could be more specific by adding details about how marijuana is asked in exchange of help. More details could be presented or the thinking could be more exact. Depth: The thinking presented is complex and have multiple interrelationships so not so easily understandable (Paul & Elder, 2002). The factors like lack of clarity, lack of clear discussion etc make it a difficult problem to be responded.


Option C: Being a parent of a child who has a first year teacher giving ridiculously hard assignments, I would actively help him in completing the assignment. I would help him to understand each and every aspect and do the assignment on his own by developing the understanding essential to do the assignment. The assignment given is not possible to be done by a child and for him it is vital to complete the assignment as with this he would be able to a get a four year scholarship. I would help my child to do this on his own but will help him in developing an understanding or coaching needed to do this assignment. For understanding the thinking presented in the situation, it would be analyzed with the help of thoughts and intellectual standard elements that are as follows:


Elements of Thoughts: Purpose: The purpose of the scenario is clear to decide what a parent should do in case when a child is in a critical situation and he is not at all at fault. The purpose of this scenario is clear to take decision about the future of child by actively helping him in his assignment (Online Model for learning the Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking, 2007). Question at Issue: The question at issue underlying this thinking is that does the parent should help his child in completing the graduation level assignment or not. The problem is quite clear in this scenario (Paul & Elder, 2002). Elements of Intellectual Standards: Clarity: The thinking presented is quite clear and could be grasped easily. As well, it could be elaborated further by doing discussion with the child and the problem faced by him. Breadth: The thinking presented in Option C scenario encompasses multiple viewpoints of parent, child, and teachers. The situation needs to be looked from all these peoples perspective to arrive at a final decision. Consideration of all peoples point of view would assist in taking a final decision (Online Model for learning the Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking, 2007).   References Online Model for learning the Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking. (2007). Foundation for Critical Thinking. Retrieved from Paul, R. & Elder, L. (2002) Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life. USA: FT Press. Now you can get Situation Analysis Case Study Assignment Help with Assignmenthelpexperts .com is the only experienced site where you can get business assignment help of all topics. Our assignment helper are experienced assignment writing experts and can do short deadline assignment of business management assignment help subjects. Our online case study business assignment help experts are available 24×7 for solving assignment for US, UK and Australian students. You can e-mail us your any assignment queries at