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Small Business Administration (SBA) Assignment Help Australia Small Business Administration (SBA)

SBA provides various strategic management supports to the small businesses such as assistance in making business plan, training, loans, grants, financial assistance, etc (, 2013). The business plan is one of the important assistance that SBA provides to small businesses.

Steps in Business Plan According to the business plan assignment help experts, business plan includes various steps such as market analysis, financial projection, description of management roles and responsibilities, marketing strategies, which are quite effective to determine the significance to establish a business successful. Market analysis step helps to determine the marketing strategies significantly, which can be used to ensure success of a business. At the same time, the financial project is also beneficial to determine the feasibility of business and assurance to investors about the return to them for their investment. This step if the most critical in getting right as there are several factors, which may influence the financial project (Pinson & Jinnett, 2006). Generally, financial projection is done on the basis of business feasibility and the current market conditions. The changes in the economy, technology, customer perceptions are not considered in this, which may influence the ability of strategy maker to make the accurate financial projection in business plan. Similarly, the increase and improvement in competitors may also influence the significance in making right financial projections as improvements in competitors will change the customer perceptions and demand for organizational products/services (Pollard, 2011).

Leverage the Support in Planning and Starting The assistance from SBA can be leveraged in the business planning. The assistance of SBA will enable to think about the business plan, analyze its consequences, how to register the business (, 2013). I could leverage the support provided by US small business administration in planning and starting the business. For the planning and starting, I could obtain its support in all the aspects such as in selecting business structure, writing business plan assignment, how to obtain business license. The support of SBA will also help me to analyze the markets for making the effective marketing strategies, which are significant to ensure the success of a new business. The financial support could also be obtained from SBA in form of loan and grants, which will be effective to start the business and to finance the start-up cost of the business (, 2013). For example, the guidance of SBA in terms of loans and grants will help to reduce the risk of finance for starting a new business assignment. References Pinson, L. & Jinnett, J. (2006). Steps to Small Business Start-Up (6th ed.). USA: Kaplan Publishing. Pollard, J. (2011). Smart Trading Plans: A Step-by-step guide to developing a business plan for trading the markets. USA: John Wiley & Sons. (2013). Retrieved from: Avail quality and original business assignment help services from our US,UK and Australia experts. We assure you that you will get complete and according to your assignment requirements.