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Staff Management Assignment Help Staffing System Management

Staffing system management is the complex process that needs direction, coordination and evaluation of the

organization. It is quite significant for the organization that helps to come up with better and effective ways to manage with the employee attritions. The organization manages its staffing system and its components by using mechanism. In this process, evaluation and administration and legal issues are considered in management of staffing system (Heneman, & Judge, 2009). The staffing system management is applied in the familiar organization that considers federal requirements during development of employment policies. For this case study assignment help, Wal-Mart is selected as a familiar organization that is facing some legal issues related to staffing management system.

Federal Requirements for Development Employment Policies In today’s changing business scenario, there are several federal requirements, guidelines and policies should be considered by Wal-Mart in developing the employment policies. It is because; different federal policies, rules, regulations and law have a direct impact on the employment policies of the business corporations. So, to survive in the complex business environment, business firms should involve federal requirements in the development of the employment policies (Guerin & DelPo, 2011). For instance, as per the federal law of USA, Wal-Mart should have written policies in the areas of: code of conduct, working conditions, benefits and eligibility and discrimination and harassment/respectful workplace. Apart from this assignment help, Companies should also involve the employment equity act in the development of employment policies in order to achieve equity in all aspects of employment (Sims, 2002). In addition, business firms should also consider “the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967” to bring the more flexibility and reliability in the employment policies of the organization. So, every business organizations should use this act to develop emplacement policies. At the same time, in the development of employment policies, business firm should also occupy workers compensation act 1987 and 2006. It is because with the help of this act, Wal-Mart can improve the standard living of the workers as well as employees effectively and can maintain their goodwill at the local and global level. Along with this, Wal-Mart should also consider disabilities Act 1990, in the employment policies, because this act would prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in employment and transportation. At the same time, Wal-Mart should also focus on the minimum wages act 1948 for the development of employment policies (Messmer, 2006). This Act provides fixing minimum rate of wage in certain employment. In addition, this act states that a company would be bound to pay a fix wage to the worker for a certain period of time. So, the minimum wage act should also be involved by the business organization in order to make employment policies more effective and attractive. In addition our business experts of assignment help said that as per the federal requirements and guidelines, business organization should also use labor union act as well as employment act for the development of the employment policies (Steneck, 2009). On the one hand, labor union act will provide certain rules and regulation regarding the union policies. Hence, Wal-Mart should also use and implement labor union act in the employment policies. So, it is estimated that there are different types of employment act and guidelines that Wal-Mart should use and put into operation for the development of employment policies (Guerin & DelPo, 2011).

Legal Issues Related to Staffing System Management There are several legal issues in Wal-Mart that create difficulties to make effective business strategies for the organization. Staffing management is a function of human resource management that depends upon the size of the organizational staff. The size of organizational staff is affected by some legal and regulatory issues. Record keeping is a serious legal issue that requires for keeping federal records for the organization (Wal-Mart). The organizational staff has to maintain record of all the data. The record keeping obligations increases the problems for Wal-Mart in ensuring the internal control. These obligations affect the compliances with all regulatory requirements. These obligations must be completed by proper documentation of the records that include description, prices, and the parties to the transaction. Along with this, privacy is another legal issue for staffing management system, because staff member leak the information of the organization that create problems to maintain secrecy. The privacy of consumer information is quite important to effective staffing management system (Wal-Mart, 2012). It is important for the organization that it should keep the organizational information confidential. It should protect the security, property and other rights of customers and associates of Wal-Mart. In addition, the staff members also have to make an appropriate report to provide the managers of the organization. It is essential for managers to manage working information of the employees. In preparation of reports, the employees of Wal-Mart have to use several formats to complete the reports in proper way. At the same time, the staffing system management is also affected by the audits that are used as quality techniques. These techniques are important for Wal-Mart to quality management. In this issue, the high profile lawyers, law firms and accountants of the organization help to mitigate it by accounting and financial audit.

The accountants of Wal-Mart investigate the matter and review its worldwide compliances. The organization can resolve the legal issues related to the audits by using both internal as well as external methods (Wohl, 2012). The organization should implement both of these audits in its business strategy and these should be conducted in proper and effective way. In addition, the external audit must be probed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Apart from this  assignment help experts says that the legal issues related to staffing system management are negotiation, fact finding, peer review, mediation, arbitration etc. There are some dispute resolutions also necessary to solve the legal issues (Wal-Mart, 2012). The negotiation can be resolved by discussing about the complaints of goals. In addition, training and development programs are also important for staffing management system in Wal-Mart. It increases the skills and knowledge of the staff members regarding a particular thing.   References Guerin, L. & DelPo, A. (2011). The Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws. USA: Nolo. Heneman, H.G. & Judge, T.A. (2009). Staffing System Management. Retrieved from Messmer, H. (2006). Human Resources Kit For Dummies. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Sims, R.R.(2002). Organizational Success Through Effective Human Resources Management. UK: Greenwood Publishing Group. Steneck, N.H. (2009). Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research. USA: DIANE Publishing. Wal-Mart. (n.a.). International Trade. Retrieved from Wal-Mart. (2012). Walmart Privacy Policy. Retrieved from Wohl, W. (2012). Wal-Mart reveals lawyers, accountants on FCPA issues. Retrieved from