Stakeholder Map Assignment Help

Stakeholder Map Assignment Help

BUS475 WEEK 1 DQ1 “Stakeholders”  Please respond to the following:

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  • From the e-Activity, explain where each stakeholder group would fall on a stakeholder map. Explain in detail how much consideration management should give to each stakeholder group, based on their positions on the map.
  • Based on the information presented in Chapter 1 Discussion Case, state whether you support the position of Disneyland or the position of the local citizens to build affordable housing in the resort district. Explain your

A business have several stakeholders namely customers, suppliers, government, community, employees, shareholders, etc. The following stakeholder map exhibits the position of each stakeholder group in an organization on the basis of power and interest:

From the above stakeholder map assignment help experts, it could be determined that government and shareholders has high power, but government has less interest in business activities in compare to shareholders. The management should focus over the policies and procedures of the government to satisfy the interest of government and increase its business profitability to satisfy the shareholders (Freeman, 2010). The consideration over customers and employees should be higher to make the business operations successful and sustainable. At the same time, impact of business processes on community should also be considered as it is the main aspect to make a business sustainable. Similarly, the interest of suppliers is high on the business, so management should also give a proper consideration on them by making the payment timely (Weiss, 2008).

Affordable Housing For building affordable housing in resort district, I will support the position of Disneyland. It is because Disneyland will be able to provide more cost effective houses to the citizens in the comparison of local citizens. At the same time, the availability of resources, skills and knowledge is more with Disneyland in the comparison of local citizens, which will also be helpful for the community people to get quality affordable homes from the firm. The experience of Disneyland also matters for this decision as it will be able to improve the living standard of people due to its expertise in making quality homes (Weiss, 2008). Thus, the position of Disneyland is more effective than the local citizens to build affordable housing in the resort district.

Reorganization Recently, Germany’s Jab, former boss, bought Douwe Egberts firm in $9.8 billion. In the initial proposal, the cash bid is set to 12.5 Euros per share and Jab has no plan to sell the Reckitt shares to fund the deal of this takeover (Webb & Geller, 2013). The main objective behind this takeover is to close the gap of firm with the coffee leader Nestle. The offer price includes the 36 percent premium on the closing stock value of Douwe Egberts, which shows the benefits to shareholders from the takeover (Former Reckitt boss steers Douwe Egberts takeover, 2013). References Former Reckitt boss steers Douwe Egberts takeover. (2013). Retrieved from: Freeman, R.E. (2010). Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach. UK: Cambridge University Press. Webb, S. & Geller, M. (2013). UPDATE 4-Germany’s JAB to buy Douwe Egberts firm in $9.8 bln deal. Retrieved from: Weiss, J.W. (2008). Business Ethics: A Stakeholders and Issues Management Approach with Cases (5th ed.). USA: Cengage Learning.

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