Starbucks Business Strategies Assignment Help

Starbucks business strategies Assignment Help The Starbucks company competitive advantages are:

  • Premium quality coffee and associated products
  • Company efforts of social responsibility towards the community and the environment.
  • Progressive personnel plans and policies.
  • Offering a brand experience that goes beyond the products and involves excellent customer service, exclusive drink names, elegant stores etc.

The company’ business strategies include product line, coffee purchasing strategy, and rapid store expansion strategy (domestic and international store expansion, employee training and recognition, real state, store design, planning, and construction, and store ambience).

Starbuck’s Competitive Advantages: As per business assignment help experts, Starbucks create value through continuous organizational and societal improvement efforts that in turn also help it in sustaining its competitive advantage. The company only operates with coffee suppliers that comply with its standards regarding sustainable development and this in turn also assist Starbuck’s in creating value and sustaining competitive advantage. The company efforts towards making Green Team and different green programs along with rapid store expansion strategy facilitate it towards offering a high-quality brand experience. Another initiative helping Starbucks in creating value is its consideration of public’s healthy eating habits and serving them with healthy products. All these efforts and strategies of the company assist it in creating value and sustaining competitive advantage.

Starbucks: Strategic Effectiveness: The company makes use of different measurements in regard to verify its strategic effectiveness as checklists, surveys, through observation, analysis, benchmarks etc. All these measurements along with specific guidelines like values and beliefs also help Starbucks in verify its strategic effectiveness. All these measurements guidelines assist Starbucks and its management in identifying any gaps if there and rectify those gaps in time before wasting reassures on a strategic move. Use of benchmarks is quite effective for Starbucks as it assists it in serving its consumers with premium coffee including high customer service and quality. Without all these guidelines created in the company it would not have been possible for its employees and suppliers in attaining world-class position in the market. The company set guidelines to work with it is also quite significant and one of the most effective measurement guideline helping it to attain it’s all aims and objectives

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