Starbucks HR Training and Development Plan Assignment Help

Starbucks HR Training and Development Plan Assignment Help: Nowadays, employment orientation program has become an important part of the firms as it assists the new hire to adjust themselves with the new working environment and organizational culture. For the paper, Starbucks is selected, which operates in beverage industry globally. Assignment Help discuss the orientation plan for new hire employee in Starbucks as it will help the new hire to be motivated at the workplace and will help the firm to retain the employee for long period of time. Position Details: As a part of the orientation plan, firstly, welcome program

for new hire will be conducted in which a short introduction of new hire with the whole staff will be organized. After this, mission and vision of Starbucks’ will be communicated that is “inspire and connect with the people through a cup of coffee” by making him understand about company values and objectives. It will help to increase his/her knowledge about the organization’s concerns. Furthermore, videos of the firms’ operations will be visualized to new hire for the post of store manager (Rotman). After this, position details will be defined to the employee by the HR manager of Starbucks explaining organizational expectations from him/her. As the employee will be hired for the store manager post so checklist of the works and policies will be provided to him/her. It is because it will provide the information about the work details of the position for the new hire.   As the process of welcoming will be completed, job duties will be defined to the new hire. In this, different aspects will be discussed with the new hire as roles, responsibilities, duties, etc. The store manager of Starbucks will be responsible for maintaining efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the stores by ensuring service excellence. It is because service excellence will satisfy the customers through offering the quality of the products. Additionally, roles and responsibilities of the store manager will be related with the avoiding unexpected situations. It will be discussed with the store manager to make him/her more confident to work with the firm.

Performance Standards: Performance standards of Starbucks will be also communicated with the new hired store manager to maintain his/her performance as per the organizational performance standard. As Starbucks focuses on the regular exercise of independent judgment to evaluate the performance of individual, so it will be cleared to new hire to provide training at a store to work effectively and efficiently. It will be communicated with the store manager through using verbal communication methods and written documents. Additionally, specific corporate policies, legal and ethical standards will be also discussed (Rotman). According to the Human Resource Assignment Help, the feedback system that is used by Starbucks as a performance management tool will be also discussed with a new hire. It will help the manager as well as management to maintain the performance of the employees at the store along with maintaining the confidence of the newly hired store manager. Additionally, training and development programs that are used by the firm will be also communicated with the store manager so that he/she can conduct this time to increase the performance of the employees. If you looking for any topic assignment help then hurry up and please e-mail us your any business assignment help at