Statistical Analysis Assignment Help

Statistical Analysis Assignment Help

The main purpose of this report is to examine relationship between body fat and weight data set of Silver’s Gym by using statistical measures Statistical Measures The following table summarizes the values of mean, median, range and standard deviation for body fat and weight data.  

  Statistical Measure Value
Body Fat Weight
Mean 18.9 178.9
Median 19.0 176.5
Standard deviation 7.8 29.4
Range 45.1 244.7

The above table exhibits that the numbers of weight data are more volatile than body fat data due to higher value of standard deviation. The standard deviation of weight data is approximately 3.5 times higher than standard deviation of body fat. Overall this result depicts that vales of both data has been volatile. The interpretation of each measurement is as below – Mean: It is a simple mathematical average of a data set that calculated by dividing total of all values from sample size. It is also

known as an arithmetic mean that uses as measure of central tendency (JCR, 2008). Median: It refers as the middle number of a sorted list of variables. It is a measure of central tendency that is determined ranking all variables from least to highest. If sample size is an odd number then value of median is middle value (JCR, 2008). But if sample size is an even number then average of two closest values in the middle of data is a median value. Range: It is defined as the difference between maximum and minimum value of a data set. In this case, range values of body fat and weight data are 45.1 and 244.7 respectively. Standard Deviation: It is a measure of dispersion of a data set that utilizes to measure variability. It also refers as the square root of variance. In case of Silver’s Gym, standard deviation of body fat is 7.8, while standard deviation of weight is 29.4.

Importance of Central Tendency Measures Central tendency is an important measure of statistical data that represents entire series. Arithmetic mean and median are two important measures of central tendency that are useful to make comparison between two or more sets of data. The finding of mean or median is important to easily make comparison as well as show typical values. The finding of median value is significant to describe the behavior of entire data set. For example, the median values 19.0 and 176.5 are useful to understand the behavior of body fat and weight data in the given example. The usefulness of mean and median depends on type of data set that is used for statistical analysis. The mean is generally used as measure of average, while median is being used for more specific applications. In order to determine average marks, mean is more suitable measure, while median is suitable measure when data is skewed. In this case, median is more applicable tool to make comparison between body fat and weight data of Silver’s Gym. It is because; the given data set has deviation in values of body fat and weight of 252 men who attend gym. Along with this, the given data set is highly skewed that is also a reason of suitability for median measure.

Importance of Finding Range or Standard Deviation The finding of range and standard deviation has greater significance because both are useful measures of variability. Standard deviation is more important as compare to any other statistical measures, but range is intuitively easy to understand as measure of variability while standard deviation is less easy to understand. The finding of standard deviation is helpful to determine that how likely a value in case of body fat or weight falls within a certain range. Along with this, it plays an important role in the theory of estimation as well as study of variation in the data set. On the other hand our  statistical analysis case study assignment help tutors said that, the finding of range is significant to provide information on the distance between the most extreme values in the given data set. In this case, the information related to range and standard deviation of body fat and weight data might be useful to determine and understand variation in body fat and weight of 250 men who attend Silver’s Gym. At the same time, this information might be also useful to make general conclusion about the relationship between body fat and weight of all men who attend Gym. Get 100% original and complete  statistical analysis assignment help with From our experts you will get complete and original assignment help on time. If you are first time using our assignment help services then you can first check our quality of work then you can transfer the money in our account.